27 September 2018

27 Sept ND:In majority verdict, SC declines to refer to constitution bench issue whether mosques integral to Islam;hearing on Ayodhya title suit to resume from Oct. 29/Adultery no longer a criminal offence as SC scraps Section 497 of IPC:

27 Sept. 2018: 16 Muhram 1440: Vol: 11, No:13
In majority verdict, SC declines to refer to constitution bench issue whether mosques integral to Islam;hearing on Ayodhya title suit to resume from Oct. 29
New Delhi:A 3-judge Bench of the Supreme Court, in a majority opinion of 2:1 today, declined to refer the question whether a “mosque as a place of prayer is an essential part of Islam” in the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid appeals to a larger Bench.The majority view by CJI Dipak Misra and Justice Ashok Bhushan ordered that the hearing in the main Ayodhya title suit appeals should resume from Oct. 29.With CJI Misra retiring on Oct.2, a new 3-judge Bench would be constituted.Justice S. Abdul Nazeer, in a stinging dissent, observed that the question of what is essential and what is not in a religion cannot be hastily decided as is being done by the majority on the Bench now. He held that the question raised on the essentiality of offering prayers in mosques should indeed be first examined by a 7-judge Bench before the Ayodhya suit appeals are gone into. Justice Nazeer said the questions raised during the Ayodhya appeals hearing about the comment made by the SC in the Ismail Faruqui judgment, about the essentiality of offering prayers in a mosque and that Muslims can even pray in the open, need a “comprehensive examination” by a seven-judge Bench.Justice Nazeer held that the comment in Faruqui judgment on the essentiality of offering prayers in a mosque has to be examined by a seven-judge Bench in the background of the fundamental right against discrimination under Article 15 and the protection guaranteed to practice and propagate religion in Articles 25 and 26 under the Constitution.The bone of contention here is an observation made in a 1994 judgment of the SC in the Ismail Faruqui case that “a mosque is not an essential part of the practice of the religion of Islam and 'namaz' [prayer] by Muslims can be offered anywhere, even in open”.As the hearings progressed in the appeals, Muslim appellants pressed that the place of a mosque in Islam and the importance of the practice of offering prayers inside a mosque should be first decided by a five-judge Bench. They said this question should be answered before the court goes into the main title dispute.Speaking for himself and CJI, Justice Bhushan said references cannot be made to a larger Bench because of such “questionable observations” in an earlier judgment. Such observations cannot be treated as “governing factors” for a reference to a 7-judge Bench.Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan, for the Muslims appellants, had argued that the observation in the Ismail Farooqui judgment has affected the status of mosques in Islam.“If congregation part of Islam is taken away, a large part of Islam goes worthless. Mosques are meant for congregation and prayer,”Dhavan had argued on why mosques are “essential”.thehindu

Breaking: SC declines to refer Ayodhya case to larger bench; Clarifies that observations regarding mosque will not impact title dispute, Justice Nazeer dissents
Ayodhya-linked verdict: SC refuses to review 1994 judgment that said ‘mosque is not integral to Islam’
SC rejects ‘namaz in mosque’ petition, clears way for resuming Ayodhya hearing
SC not to revisit 1994 verdict that Masjid not integral to Islam
After mosque verdict, Owaisi says judiciary has nothing do to with the essential features of any religion
Reacting to Supreme Court’s verdict, which declined to constitute a larger bench to revisit the 1994 judgement, which held that a “mosque is not essential to the practice of Islam”, MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, said that a mosque is an essential feature of Islam, and lambasted the SC by saying that, “Judiciary has nothing do to with the essential features of any religion.”Without mentioning any names, he said that the matter should have been referred to the Constitutional bench also. He further expressed fear that foes of secularism may use this verdict to realise their ideological objectives. The verdict came as a sigh of relief for the Govt , which took over the land where Babri Masjid (mosque) was demolished by Hindu extremists asserting that was built on Hindu God Ram’s birthplace.Though the Muslim parties expressed anguish over the 1994 decision, saying it was unfair to them and it played a role in the disputed land in Ayodhya, which was in 2010 divided between 3 parts by Allahabad High Court. NewsX
SC verdict on Babri no setback: petitioners
New Delhi:The Supreme Court ruling that rejected a plea for referring the Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi dispute to a larger Constitution Bench is not a setback, a number of Muslim petitioners asserted today.Advocate Zafaryab Jilani,convenor of the Babri Masjid Action Committee, said the verdict was no setback."It is not at all a setback. It just means that the trial will start now. The court has clarified that the observations made by a Supreme Court bench in the Ismail Farooqi case of 1994 were made in a particular context and not related to this case. I think that serves the purpose," Jilani told the media.AIMPLB member Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangimahali echoed him."The positive aspect of today's decision is that the court has made it very clear that Ismail Farooqi case will have no impact on the Ayodhya case. As far as the masjid and namaaz and the religious aspects are concerned, it is an established fact that mosques are built to offer namaz and they are an integral part of our religion," he told the media.BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy said the Modi government should acquire the land and hand it over to the representative bodies of the Hindus.-IANS
Namaz is synonymous with mosques:petitioner Mehboob
New Delhi:After the Supreme Court decided against referring the 1994 Ismail Faruqui verdict to a larger constitutional bench, Haji Mehboob, one of the petitioners in the Babri Masjid case, today described the move of the top court as questionable. Mehboob said, "I cannot have any say to the judgement passed by the SC. However, I feel it is mandatory to offer prayers (namaz) at the mosque. I can also question, why do Hindus go to temples to offer their prayers? To me, namaz is synonymous with mosques."Meanwhile, another petitioner to the Babri Masjid case Iqbal Ansari welcomed the apex court's judgment, saying it would not "affect the Muslims at large" and the sanctity of namaz would remain the same if one chooses to offer it from home instead of visiting a mosque.ANI
Adultery no longer a criminal offence as SC scraps Section 497 of IPC: Husband not master of wife, woman's dignity an ancient concept, says CJI
New Delhi:A 5-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, led by CJI Dipak Misra, today  scrapped the pre-Independence provision of adultery in IPC.Section 497(adultery) gives a husband the exclusive right to prosecute his wife's lover. If found guilty, the adulterer faces 5 years behind bars.A similar right is not conferred on a wife to prosecute the woman with whom her husband has committed adultery. Secondly, the provision does not confer any right on the wife to prosecute her husband for adultery. Further, Section 497 does not take into account cases where the husband has sexual relations with an unmarried woman.CJI Misra, in an opinion for himself and Justice A.M. Khanwilkar, held that criminalising adultery is "absolutely, manifestly arbitrary and unconstitutional". Adultery may not be the cause of an unhappy marriage, but a result after all. It would be tantamount to punishing people who lived in an unhappy marriage, he observed."Attaching criminality to adultery is going too far... a retrogade step."Of course, adultery can be a ground for a civil remedy - dissolution of marriage, he wrote.Justice R.F. Nariman said Section 497 was based on a chauvnistic notion. This was clear from the fact that the cuckolded husband's connivance removes the element of criminality in an adulterous relationship.The archaic provision — over 150-years old —  is a relic of the past, brought in much before Constitution introduced the fundamental rights of equality, liberty and dignity. Women are treated as "chattel" of the husband. A law founded on the "ancient" notion of man as seducer and woman as his victim needs to be thrown out, Justice Nariman said in no uncertain terms, concurring with the main opinion of CJI.In his separate opinion,Justice DY Chandrachud championed sexual autonomy of women within marriage. Partners in marriage should have respect for each other's sexual autonomy. This respect blooms from the respect for each other,he observed.A woman has sexual autonomy within marriage. Marriage does not mean ceding autonomy of one to the other.Ability to make sexual choices is essential to human liberty. Even within private zones, an individual should be allowed her choice. Society imposes impossible virtues on a woman.Raises her to a pedestal.Confines her to spaces. Treats her as objects capable of being punished and says she should be pure, but has no qualms to rape her, assault her, commit female foeticide, discriminate against her within a home, Justice Chandrachud said. "Husband is not the master," CJI observed."Dignity of woman is an ancient concept,"he said.
Section 497 gender-biased, gives unequal voice to partner’: Top 10 quotes by SC as it scrapped adultery
Adultery Not A Crime, Husband Not Master of Wife: SC
SC verdict on adultery gives license to married couples to have illegitimate relationships: Delhi Commission for Women head Swati Maliwal
New Delhi:Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal today called the Supreme Court’s verdict on adultery as an “anti-women decision”. Maliwal questioned the sanctity of marriage saying, “In a way, you’ve given open general license to the people of this country to be in marriages but at the same time have illegitimate relationships with others.”Maliwal also condemned Section 497 IPC, saying it should be gender-neutral where both genders are punished for committing adultery. “I think this is just going to add pain to the women in our country and I don’t agree with it,” said she. Voicing concern against the verdict of the Supreme Court, social activist Brinda Adige also sought clarity if the verdict is a gateway to polygamy.“Because we know that men very often marry two, three times and there is so much of problem when the first, second or third wife are abandoned. If adultery is not a crime, how is this woman even going to file a case against the husband who might desert or abandon her. It’s a concern,” she said. Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury drew similarities between Thursday’s verdict on adultery and the verdict on triple talaq saying, “They have done that but now the men will just abandon us or not give us talaq. They will have polygamy or nikah hallala which creates hell for us as women. I am glad it’s not a crime anymore but I do not see how it helps. The court should… give us clarity.”indianexpress
'Tiple talaq' ordinance murder of democracy, should be withdrawn: AIMPLB
Hyderabad: All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Thursday alleged the ordinance making instant triple talaq a punishable offence is a murder of democracy, and said it will move court against the move.It said Govt did not bother to discuss the issue in Parliament and it's an insult to the country's supreme legislative body."This ordinance is a 'chor darwaza'.It's a murder of democracy and an insult to Parliament. Parliament session is to start... but Govt did not even bother to discuss... We feel it will be harmful to Muslim women," AIMPLB Assistant General Secretary Maulana Khalid Saif Ullah Rehmani told reporters here.He said it's strange that no consultations were held with the community and "you (Govt  ) decided on it yourself. Rather than rendering justice, injustice will be meted out through this ordinance".Asked if the board will move the Supreme Court against the ordinance, Rehmani said, "Our legal committee will discuss and may consider it (legal options)." AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi described the 'triple talaq' ordinance a "fraud" and said it should be challenged in court. PTI
2 booked under triple talaq ordinance in Rajasthan, UP
At least two people have been booked in Rajasthan and UP  under the ordinance that was promulgated on September 19 to criminalize triple talaq (divorce).SP Umesh Kumar Singh said they registered a case on Tuesday under the ordinance against one Gulfam in Bijnor for allegedly pronouncing triple talaq two months after marrying one Sultanat.Police superintendent Umesh Kumar Singh said they registered a case on Tuesday under the ordinance against one Gulfam in Bijnor for allegedly pronouncing triple talaq two months after marrying one Sultanat.A local resident, who did not wish to be named, said Gulfam had an affair with a woman before his marriage but his family was against it. “The woman arrived at his home on Sunday and threatened to commit suicide if he did not marry her.”He said Gulfam, his girlfriend, and other family members were brought to the police station to sort out the issue. The resident added that Gulfam agreed there to divorce his wife and marry his girlfriend.Singh said they have ordered a probe into the role of the policemen at the station in the divorce and Gulfam’s second alleged nikah there.In Lucknow, deputy inspector general (law and order) Praveen Kumar said instructions have been issued to book one Moharram Ali, under the ordinance for allegedly pronouncing instant divorce on Friday.One Saleem Khan was on Wednesday booked In Rajasthan’s Barmer under ordinance for allegedly pronouncing instance talaq in writing after saying it on the phone earlier. Sanjana Kumari, a sub-inspector at Barmer’s Balotra police stationsaid Khan has been also been booked for subjecting his wife to cruelty, criminal breach and for voluntarily causing hurt under the Indian Penal Code along with his family.HT
You can ask companies,banks to delete your Aadhaar data
New Delhi:The Supreme Court judgment on Aadhaar empowers you to seek removal of your personal information from the records of telcos, banks, mutual funds and insurance companies that had earlier demanded biometric authentication and other details in the absence of legal clarity on the matter. With the apex court making it clear that Aadhaar linkage with private companies is not mandatory, customers who have parted with the information now have the right to demand that the details be withdrawn or deleted. However, if one insists on doing so, the person will need to provide other authentication documents such as passport, voter ID, and a bank statement. “In light of the SC judgment, an individual can surely seek deletion of his/her Aadhaar details,” a top Govt functionary said, though requesting anonymity.“Modalities regarding this, though, will need to be clarified and issued by the respective ministries who deal with the various linkages.” So, any instruction to delete your Aadhaar details stored with telecom companies such as Vodafone-Idea,Airtel and Reliance Jio will need to be issued by the telecom ministry. Similarly, the RBI or the finance ministry will give instructions related to Aadhaar details with banks or other financial institutions. TOI
Macron did not contradict Hollande's claim on Rafale which tantamounts to confirmation: Reddy
New Delhi:Congress leader Jaipal Reddy alleged French President Emmanuel Macron did not contradict Francois Hollande's claim on Rafale deal which was tantamount to the confirmation of his predecessor's claim.Noting that the "Rafale scam has begin to stink and the PM  Narendra Modi-led Govt  has begin to sink", Reddy said India has had a very good relationship with France and "when a former French president says something, this country needs to sit up and take notice". Reddy claimed PM is getting caught or sandwiched between international revelations and internal disclosures. He alleged Anil Ambani's company was taken as an offset partner because of the pressure from Govt of India and it was so intense that the French authorities were left with no choice. "It is for the first time that the present French president Macron while answering a specific question avoided the question. He simply said I was not incharge at that time. In other words, he did not contradict the version of Hollande," he claimed. PTI
Defence Ministry official put on record objections to 36-Rafale deal
New Delhi :Nearly a month before the deal for 36 Rafale aircraft was signed between then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and his French counterpart in New Delhi in September 2016, a senior officer of the Ministry of Defence, who had been part of the Contract Negotiations Committee (CNC), raised questions about the deal’s benchmark price and put his objections on record, Indian Express has learnt.This officer was then Joint Secretary & Acquisition Manager (Air) in the MoD and the one meant to initiate the note for the Cabinet’s approval.Sources have confirmed to Indian Express that his objections delayed the Cabinet note approving the deal and its signing which only happened after his objections were “overruled” by another senior MoD official, Director General (Acquisition).The note by the JS & AM (Air), as part of the Rafale deal file, is currently with the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) who is studying the deal which has set off a political controversy.Sources said the CAG is likely to submit its report by the winter session of Parliament in December. CAG report, sources said, is likely to refer to the note containing objections to the Rafale deal and will also mention how these objections were over-ruled.Indian Express
Obtain particulars of Rohingya for deportation, Rajnath Singh tells states
Kochi: Calling all Rohingya in India "illegal immigrants", Union home minister Rajnath Singh today said that state Govts have been asked to observe their movements and obtain their personal details so they could be deported to Myanmar. Talking tough on the issue, he said all states including Kerala have been asked to collect data related to Rohingya as they have moved to different parts of the country.Singh, who recently said all Rohingya in India were "illegal immigrants" as none of them had applied for asylum as refugees, asked opposition parties not to make it a "political issue"."I appeal all the political parties not to make the issue of national security a political issue. The presence of Rohingya is confined not only to the northeastern states. They have reached south Indian states including Kerala," Singh told a meeting of BJP's Kerala state council here."Centre has directed the states to be cautious.States have been directed to observe their movements.They should not get documents that could help them prove they are Indian citizens,"minister said.He said the issue will be taken up with Govt of Myanmar through diplomatic channels after securing complete details from states. PTI
BJP roots for NRC in Bengal, opponents & analysts say it's impractical
Kolkata:Amid a political storm over the publication of the draft National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam,BJP is rooting for a similar exercise in Bengal and vowing to drive out illegal Bangladeshi immigrants once the party is voted to power in the state. However, its political opponents see no merit in the saffron outfit's claims. Ruling Trinamool Congress, Congress and the CPI-M-led Left Front have dismissed BJP's stand as a mere ploy to communally polarise the people ahead of the 2019 general elections.Several BJP leaders, including state party president Dilip Ghosh, national secretary Rahul Sinha and state observer Kailash Vijayvargiya have fiercely backed Assam NRC and repeatedly stressed that it was required in Bengal to drive out all "illegal settlers" from Bangladesh."We'll implement NRC in Bengal once we come to power. All those who have entered illegally will be pushed back. Current Govt in Bengal is too concerned about the rights of infiltrators, but what about the rights and safety of your own people? That's our first priority," Ghosh maintained.Left Front legislature party leader Sujan Chakraborty termed BJP "anti-poor and anti-Bengali". "There is no chance of BJP coming to power here, let alone publishing NRC list. It is impossible.BJP has often tried to disturb the people of Bengal by creating communal tension.They may attempt to do so again, but the people of Bengal will not accept it," Chakraborty, a senior CPI-M leader, told TMC leader and Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim also accused BJP of dividing communities in the name of the NRC in Assam and warned that given a chance, the saffron outfit would do the same in Bengal."We don't want the national security of our country to be compromised at any cost. But the way bona fide Indians are being harassed in the name of NRC in Assam, the way BJP is trying to create a divide between the Hindus-Muslims and Bengali-Assamese there,is condemnable. We fear they would take up the same divide and rule policy here in the name of NRC," Hakim told."If there are any anti-national elements here, the central agencies are competent enough to pick them up and deport them. We don't need to push so many people into uncertainty by bringing NRC," he said.Leader of Opposition and Congress veteran Abdul Mannan exuded confidence that BJP will not succeed in its plans to divide the people of Bengal.According to him, draft NRC in Assam clearly showed that the exercise was actually aimed at ousting a certain community from country.IANS
India rejects discussion of Kashmir issue at OIC​ meeting
New York: India has rejected references made by Pakistan on the Kashmir issue in Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting as the matter is internal to India, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said."As far as OIC is concerned, we always note with regret that the matter, which is very internal to Indian affairs, was again discussed at OIC. We reject such references to a matter very internal to India. We have said in the past that OIC has no locus standi to comment on India's internal affairs. We feel that it is completely unwarranted to discuss a matter related to India's internal affairs in any multi-cultural setup," he said at a press conference here.Earlier, India's Ambassador to the UN, Syed Akbaruddin, had called Pakistan a 'one-trick-pony' for raking up Kashmir issue at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and asserted that India was confident of handling the situation. Responding to a question about the possibility of the neighbour country raking up the issue of Kashmir at UNGA, Akbaruddin stated that UN works best on multilateralism, adding that 'single act plays have no resonance in such matters.'ANI
Imported ACs, fridges, footwear to be costlier as Govt  hikes duty
New Delhi: Govt raised import duty on Wednesday on 19 items, including air conditioners, refrigerators, small washing machines, speakers, footwear, radial car tyres, several gems and jewellery and household items. The duty hike is expected to make these items costlier.Even air travel may get more expensive as the Govt  has raised import duty on aviation fuel to 5 % . So far, fuel could be imported duty free. "Any increase on ATF will put an additional burden on airlines. Furthermore, the depreciating Indian rupee is an additional cost burden on Indian carriers," an IndiGo spokesperson said.Higher duties are part of the Govt 's plan to reduce non-essential imports, lower the trade deficit and support the rupee, which has depreciated nearly 14% so far in 2018, making it the worst performing Asian currency. While the decision was taken at a meeting convened by PM Narendra Modi a few weeks ago, the revenue department announced the tariff hike which will be effective from Wednesday midnight. The value of these imports was estimated at around Rs 86,000 crore, Govt  said. TOI
UP: FIR against Samajwadi leader Veerpal for ‘derogatory remarks’ against Hindu gods, Kanwariyas
Lucknow :An FIR was registered against former Rajya Sabha MP and Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Veerpal Singh Tuesday after he allegedly made derogatory comments against Hindu gods and Kanwariyas in Bareilly district.The case was lodged against him under at Bithri Chainpur police station on the basis of a complaint filed by S-I Brijpal Singh.“On Sept.21, 37 persons were arrested while trying to take out a Muharram procession from the Hindu-dominated Khajuriya village. When the police tried to stop them, they attacked and pelted stones. On Tuesday, senior SP leader Veerpal Singh came to Muslim-dominated Umariya village and while talking to the locals, incited them on religious grounds,” claimed S-I Brijpal Singh.He further said, “The leader commented on Hindu gods Ram and Shiva and also made derogatory comments on Kanwariyas. A video of Veerpal Singh’s statements also went viral. I lodged the FIR after going through the video.”indianexpress
UP: Stones pelted at policemen for ‘stopping procession from passing Muslim locality’
Hamirpur: 7 police officers including an additional superintendent sustained injuries when people pelted stones at them for allegedly stopping a religious procession from passing through a Muslim locality in Hamirpur’s Maudaha town Tuesday. Police resorted to lathicharge and also fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. 8 people were detained and a police vehicle was damaged. Police are conducting raids to trace others, said DIG, Chitrakoot Dham Range, Manoj Tiwari.The injured include ASP, Hamirpur, Lal Sahab Yadav, who was hit on his head with a stone. The injured were rushed to a hospital where doctors discharged them after first aid, said police.SHO of Maudaha police station Raj Kumar Singh said, “Residents of Maudaha take out a two-day religious procession in the name of Kans Mela every year. People from neighbouring areas also take part. First day of the procession ended peacefully.” He further said, “On the second day (Monday), people insisted that the procession be taken through a Muslim locality. Since processions are not taken out from those localities, we did not allow them. Hence, it was not taken out Monday. A series of meetings was held between officials of administration and police and participants of the procession. On Monday evening, the participants decided not to take the procession through the Muslim locality. Hence, we allowed them to take it out Tuesday.”“On Tuesday, when procession reached close to a Muslim-dominated locality, a few participants of the procession insisted it be taken through there. When police tried to stop them, they suddenly started pelting stones…the situation is now under control,” DIG said.indianexpress
Hamirpur: Tension grips UP  town after youths of two communities clash during ‘Kans Vadh Mela’India
Muzaffarnagar: 27 Muslim Men Arrested After Local Fight Escalates Into Communal Clashes
New Delhi: Over 2 dozen Muslim men have been taken into custody in Muzaffarnagar’s Purbaliyan village for allegedly causing communal clashes on August 21 and 24. The arrest of 27 men from the community, three charged under the stringent National Security Act (NSA), was the consequence of a fight during a cricket match between local youths about a month ago.Purbaliyan in UP is among the villages that saw skirmishes during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots.According to Indian Express, while Hindu Pal community members have claimed to be at the receiving end of violence, those from the Muslim community have alleged that the police action was one-sided. Some claim they were either arbitrarily picked up while others say they were pressurised to surrender.The Indian Express quoted Mansoorpur SHO K.P.S. Chahal informing that on August 21, a fight broke out between a few “Muslim and Hindu boys” in which a Muslim boy was injured. Some Muslims from the village thereafter went to the residence of one Hindu boy and allegedly assaulted some family members. thewire
UP police forced me to file false rape case against my Muslim friend: girl
Meerut;The female medical student who was beaten up and harassed by Meerut police inside in the police van for having friendship with a Muslim boy on Saturday, has revealed another shocking thing that the police also forced her to file a rape case against her Muslim friend as a condition to let her free but she refused to file the case.“While I was waiting at the police station for my family to arrive, cops forced me to file a rape case against my friend. They told me that they would let me walk free only if I listened to them. Later, the policemen gave the same advice to my family,” 20-year-old student told TOI.She also said that her friend was first attacked by members of Hindu right-wing groups and later by the police too.Recalling her ordeal in an interview with India Today TV on Wednesday she also said that she was studying with her friend in a room where suddenly some members of VHP barged in and took her and her friend to a different room in Jagriti Vihar area where they beat both of them.Demanding her identity proofs to confirm her religion they also asked her, “Do you want to marry him?”After beating them, the VHP workers called the police which took both of them to the local police station in different vehicles.In the interview with girl, her mother also appeared and told that some people also asked her husband to file a rape case against Muslim boy.“They said you please file a case against him. But we refused and took our daughter home,” she said.The incident came into lime light when a video shot by a cop went viral wherein some cops in Meerut were seen thrashing the girl and hurling filthy abuses at her for having friendship with a Muslim boy.caravandaily
After Meerut Cops Thrash Girl, VHP Goons Attack Her Muslim Friend in Front of Police
UP police book Congress social media chief Spandana for sedition
UP  Police on Tuesday booked Kannada actor and ex MP Divya Spandana for sedition for a tweet against PM  arendra Modi, reported News Minute. Spandana, also known as Ramya, is the head of Congress’ social media and digital communications.The complaint was filed by a Lucknow-based lawyer Syed Rizwan Ahmad at the Gomtinagar Police Station after Spandana on Monday tweeted a photoshopped picture of Modi painting “chor” (thief) on his wax statue.
Meet UP party giving LS tickets to people accused of lynching Muslims
About six years ago, a little-known outfit came to the limelight for vandalising a statue of BSP chief Mayawati in Lucknow. Some members of the UP  Navnirman Sena, headed by Amit Jani, were later arrested for the incident.UP Navnirman Sena claimed it carried out the vandalism as it was unhappy with Mayawati's “anti-upper caste” policies.Fast forward to 2018 and the UP Navnirman Sena is back in the headlines and for the wrong reasons again. In the past week, UP Navnirman Sena announced it planned to give Lok Sabha tickets to Shambulal Regar,who is accused of killing a Muslim labourer in Rajasthan's Rajasamand last year, and Rupendra Rana, accused of being part of a mob that lynched a Muslim over claims of eating beef at Dadri near Noida in 2015.While the UP Navnirman Sena wants Regar to contest from Agra, it has proposed to nominate Rana from Gautam Budh Nagar constituency in Noida. UP Navnirman Sena is a political outfit that has a limited following in western UP, in the areas surrounding Meerut.Jani, a youth, had formed UP Navnirman Sena in 2009 as an attempt at registering his protest against attacks on north Indians in Maharashtra by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Jani had tried to contest Lok Sabha polls from Bagpat, which is near Meerut.UP Navnirman Sena had ransacked a Shiv Sena office in Chipi Tank area of UP.theweek
UP  man arrested on rape charges, he was pursuing criminal case against CM Adityanath since 2007
UP  police arrested a man for allegedly raping a woman in Gorakhpur district on Tuesday. The accused was identified as a 64-year-old Pervez Parvaz who had been pursuing several criminal cases against UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath since 2007. Commenting on the rape case, the investigating officer said that the victim claimed that Pervez Parvaz and another man Mahmood alias Jumman raped her. After the victim filed a complaint she was sent for the medical treatment which confirmed that she was raped.Further disclosing the matter, SP (City) Vinay Singh, on Wednesday, told PTI that the victim said that she was raped by the 2 when she had gone to Jumman for her treatment of an ailment. In the complaint filed, the woman said that she was assaulted when she had come to meet occultist, Jumman.Acting swiftly on the victim’s complaint, the UP police nabbed Parvaz on Tuesday evening from a house in Nakhas area that falls under the Kotwali police’s jurisdiction. The investigating officer added that they are on the lookout for his accomplice.As per reports, Parvaz, who is a social activist, had filed an FIR against Yogi Adityantha and other on Jan.27, 2007, for disrupting harmony in the society by promoting communal hatred among two groups.newsx
Video: ABVP activists call Mandsaur professor ‘anti-national’. He touches their feet, goes on leave
Bhopal :A senior professor of a Govt  college in Mandsaur has gone on leave after ABVP activists accused him of being “anti-national” when he tried to stop them from shouting slogans on Wednesday. Professor Dinesh Gupta was inside a classroom when a group of ABVP activists, on their way to submit a memorandum to the principal over a delay in announcement of fourth semester (Science) results, raised slogans in the corridor. He asked the protesters not to shout slogans saying it was difficult to conduct the class with the noise.Alleging that he stopped them from saying “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai“, the activists called him an “anti-national”, and even warned him that they would file an FIR against him for his “unpatriotic” act. So disturbed was Gupta by the humiliation that he touched the feet of protesters.In a video, reportedly shot by local television reporters, the professor can be seen chasing the protesters to touch their feet one by one even as they try to stop him from doing so. On Thursday, Gupta applied for 3-day leave.indianexpress
Kerala preacher slams Muslims for offering prayers at temples, churches
Kozhokide:A Salafi preacher has lashed out at Muslim organisations for cleaning up temples and offering prayers there as well as in churches during the recent Kerala floods, describing such acts as among the most detested in Islam.Some Muslim organisations had cleaned temples and churches that were submerged in the flood and had held mass prayers inside a church and in a hall attached to a temple. In the Sept.edition of Al Islah magazine, Abdurauf Nadvi, a member of the Salafi group led by Zakkariyya Swalahi, has denounced celebration of these acts of communal amity. He said these acts amounted to associating with 'shirk' (polytheism), which Islam had strictly prohibited. "Polytheism and the path leading to it have been strongly discouraged in Islam. How can a Muslim offer prayer at a place where the idols, the cross and the photos of Mary and Christ are installed," Nadvi asked. According to Nadvi, 'shirk' is the gravest sin in Islam, which has been variously described in the religion as that forbids access to heaven and ensures entry to hell. Islam does not provide any relaxation in associating with 'shirk' in any form. Some concessions have been allowed in extreme situations such as threat to life, but no such situations existed in India, he said. A Muslim should establish bonding with those who believe in monotheism and Allah, and dislike those who worship any God other than Allah. This formed the basis of 'thouheed' (indivisible oneness concept of monotheism) and it had been clearly told in Quran by narrating the example of Prophet Ibrahim in Surat al Mumtahanah, Nadvi said. "How can a Muslim wash and clean the objects of worships that have been declared as enemies by Prophet Ibrahim," he asked.TOI
MIM MLA Pathan say sorry for ‘un-Islamic act’
Mumbai: After he was criticised by clerics for worshipping Ganesha and chanting "Ganpati Bappa Morya" during a visit to a pandal in the city last week, AIMIM leader and Byculla MLA Waris Pathan released a video on Tuesday apologising for his "un-Islamic act".In the video which Pathan released on social media, he said: "A few days ago I did something which was wrong. I, in the name of Prophet Muhammad, seek Allah's forgiveness for this and promise that I will never do this again." He further said that "he was just a human and humans are bound to commit mistakes and this mistake will not be repeated". Last Friday, while visiting a Ganpati pandal, Pathan had invoked Ganesha for bringing prosperity and joy to the people and even raised the popular chant of "Ganpati Bappa Morya". Video went viral and Pathan received flak from a section of Muslims, especially clerics. Idol worship is prohibited in monotheistic Islam.TOI
Centre replaces MCI with new panel of govt doctors
New Delhi : Union Cabinet has issued an ordinance to replace the Medical Council of India — the national medical education regulator — with a board of governors (BoG) comprising some of India’s best known Govt  doctors. BoG will run the MCI till the time a Bill, which seeks to replace the body with a new commission, is passed by Parliament.Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that anything the MCI does will be through this committee. “Cabinet cleared the ordinance in the morning and President has given his assent,” he told reporters. “Now this committee of most eminent doctors in the country will run MCI.” Board of Governors includes NITI Aayog member VK Paul, AIIMS, Delhi director Randeep Guleria, PGIMER, Chandigarh director Jagat Ram, NIMHANS, Bangalore director BN Gangadhar and Nikhil Tandon, professor, AIIMS Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism.Director general health services S Venkatesh and director general ICMR Balram Bhargava will be the ex-officio members. Sources said all members of the board are eminently qualified and “apolitical”.indianexpress
Milk of foreign cows causes aggression, go desi: Himachal governor Dev Vrat
Himachal Pradesh governor Acharya Dev Vrat has said that the milk of foreign cows like Holstein Friesian and Jersey was harmful for humans as it causes aggression and high blood pressure. He advised students to use ‘desi’ cows’ milk for good health. Governor was speaking on the subject ‘Importance of cows in Santan Hindu Dharma’ at Gorakhnath temple during anniversary programme of Mahant Digvijaynath and Mahant Avaidyanath, ex chief priests of the temple. Yogi Adityanath, who is also the current head priest of the temple, was also present. Vrat, who has over 300 cows at his 200-acre farm at his native village in Haryana’s Kuruskhetra, shared information about a zero-budget, highly productive indigenous manure, ‘Jeev Amrit’,using cow dung and urine of desi cows.He claimed that the manure increases soil fertility manifold by promoting growth of earthworms which plough the field naturally.HT
3 militants among five killed in Kashmir encounters
Srinagar:5 persons, including 3 militants, were killed in 3 separate incidents in Kashmir Valley today.A local commander of LeT outfit, Asif Malik alias Abu Ukasha, and a soldier were killed in a gunfight in Gasigund village of Anantnag district in south Kashmir.As news of LeT commander’s killing spread, there was a spontaneous shutdown in Anantnag town, residents said.In another gunfight in Panzan village of Badgam district, security forces killed two militants but their identity was being ascertained.An official said that security forces exercised caution to ensure that the mosque did not get damaged.The local Auqaf (mosque management) were engaged to talk to the holed-up militants, an officer said earlier. Crackdown triggered clashes between civilian protesters and security personnel, officials said.Authorities suspended train services between Bannihal and Baramulla towns and also snapped mobile Internet in south Kashmir and Srinagar as a precaution. In the third incident in Srinagar’s Noorbagh, a civilian, Saleem Malik was killed in cross-firing during a cordon and search operation. Authorities have suspended mobile internet services in affected areas in south and central Kashmir, including Srinagar.HT
Rama came in my dream & was crying: Waseem Rizvi
UP Shia Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi drew flak on Twitter over his statement where he had said that Rama came in his dream and he was crying. Rizvi also slammed radical Muslims who show their love with the flag of Pakistan in the name of Islam and are claiming land of Ayodhya temple as babri mosque. A few people trolled him saying that it shows his lust for power.TOI
Islam’s ‘all 73 sects’ reside only in India: Rajnath
KOCHI: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressed Kerala BJP council meet in Kochi.In his address, Union Minister said, “Our political party (BJP) is not a party of a particular caste or religion, it is the party of all Indians residing in India. The ideology that our party believes in echoes the message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, the whole world is a family.”He further added, “Our party is committed to the essence of Indian culture. It is this belief that all Muslim sects found across the world, all 73 of them, are found in India. They are not even found in any Islamic country, but they all coexist in India.”He went on to say about Christians living in India.siasat
Palestinians challenge Trump on 2-state solution support
Palestinian officials rejected US President Donald Trump's comments supporting a 2-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis, saying American policies were destroying any hope for peace. Trump made the statement during the annual United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday after meeting Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu. He said a two-state solution could resolve the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict.It was the first time since taking office that Trump endorsed a two-state solution as the best way to resolve the conflict.Husam Zomlot, head of the recently closed Palestinian mission in Washington, DC, denounced the US president's comments. "Their words go against their actions and their action is absolutely clear [and] is destroying the possibility of the 2-state solution," Zumlot said.Trump also said he wanted to unveil details of what he has long referred to as the "deal of the century" to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the next two to three months. According to reports, the proposal prohibits the return of more than five million Palestinian refugees and removes the status of Jerusalem from negotiations."I like a two-state solution. That's what I think works best. That's my feeling," said Trump. Netanyahu said after meeting Trump he was "not surprised" at the US president's preference for a two-state solution for peace, Israeli media reports said.aljazeera
Palestinian refugee agency scrambles for funds after US cut
New York; UN Palestinian refugee agency has welcomed the "huge solidarity" shown by several countries as the humanitarian organisation seeks to rapidly plug the hole left by the US, which pulled its financial support in August.Several major donors, including Arab and European Union (EU) states, are expected to announce an increase in their contributions to the UN's Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) at a meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Thursday in an attempt to fill the $300m gap left by its biggest contributor. UNRWA has raised some additional funds from other contributors in recent weeks but the agency's Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl said that raising the $185m required to keep operating until the end of 2018 is a "very uphill struggle"."Size of the cut was very, very significant from the US and therefore we are certainly not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination," said Krahenbuhl. A total of 677 schools and 143 health facilities, along with tens of thousands of jobs are at risk as the agency battles to survive its worst ever financial crisis, with only enough money in the bank to operate until mid-October."We managed to open our schools on time in August and September for half a million students which was very good news,"said Krahenbuhl.aljazeera
Saudi, UAE officials call for regime change in Iran at US summit
The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, ambassador of the UAE to Washington, and the director of Israel's Mossad spy agency have joined ranks in pushing for regime change in Iran. Speaking alongside US NSA John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir called for the overthrow of the Iranian Govt , saying the Islamic Republic was unlikely to change on its own volition."Unless the pressure internally is extremely intense, I don't believe they will open up," al-Jubeir said at the United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) conference in New York City, which was attended by states that opposed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran."How can we negotiate with a state that wants to kill us," Jubeir said in remarks carried by UAE paper The National. Saudi and Emirati officials welcomed Washington's decision to abandon 2015 Iran deal - known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - under which Iran agreed to curb its nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief, it reported.But Yousef al-Otaiba, UAE's ambassador to the US, said external pressure was needed and would be key in changing Iran's course."I think any recalibration of Iranian foreign policy will come from external policy," said Otaiba, who added the isolation of Tehran must be backed up by European powers, Asian nations, as well as the United States."If a missile is launched at Saudi Arabia and the UAE what will the reaction be and how will we be defended?" he said."I ask that hypothetically but it's not really hypothetical. Gulf countries, Israel, and the countries in the immediate vicinity are the ones at immediate risk."Warning that Iran was orchestrating a takeover in Yemen, Otaiba said recent UN-led peace talks supposedly exposed Iran's role in directing the Houthi leadership. "We have a vested interest in ensuring what happened in Lebanon does not happen in Yemen," said Otaiba, who blamed Iran for the failed peace talks in Geneva.
Iran says Israel will ‘regret’ further attacks on Syria
Geneva :The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has said Israel will be sorry if it continues to attack Syria’s army and its allies.Iran and Russia have both backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a seven-year war against rebels.Iran's Supreme Leader on Monday rejected Donald Trump's offer of unconditional talks to improve bilateral ties.But Israel, increasingly concerned that its enemy Iran may establish a long-term military presence in its neighbour, says it has carried out more than 200 attacks against Iranian targets in Syria in the last two years.“The Zionist regime has been trying to establish a crisis in Syria and has taken steps to directly support terrorist groups and target the Syrian army and forces who are confronting terrorism,” Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said today, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency.Reuters
Egypt court removes Brotherhood chief Mohamed Badie from terror list
CAIRO :Egypt has decided to remove the name of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie from its official list of “terrorists”, according to a judicial source. The source, preferring anonymity, told Anadolu Agency that the Court of Cassation, Egypt’s highest appellate court, had accepted an appeal against the inclusion of Badie’s name -- along with those of 50 other Brotherhood members -- on the list. The court has yet to disclose its reasons for the decision. In May of last year, a Cairo criminal court added names of 51 Brotherhood members, including Badie’s, to Egypt’s official terrorist list.But lawyers for the listed individuals, who also included leading Brotherhood members Mahmoud Ghozlan and Husam Abu Bakr, filed an appeal against the decision.  Anadolu
Egypt's Sisi meets Israeli PM  in New York
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met with Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of UN General Assembly meetings now underway in New York.Israel’s Channel 10 quoted a source in Netanyahu's office as saying that the meeting had tackled “regional issues and the situation in Gaza”.The source did not provide further details. Al-Sisi also met with Netanyahu during last year’s UN General Assembly meeting.Israeli media has also reported that Netanyahu and al-Sisi held a secret meeting in May in Egyptian capital Cairo. According to a Thursday statement issued by al-Sisi’s office, the latest meeting also discussed means of reviving the stalled Palestine-Israel peace process.Egypt is currently mediating between Israel and Palestinian factions with a view to hammering out a truce in the Gaza Strip.Home to nearly 2 million Palestinians, Gaza Strip has reeled under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007, when resistance faction Hamas took over the coastal enclave. Anadolu
Trump thanks Turkey for helping Syria's Idlib
US President Donald Trump thanked Turkey for its efforts that helped avoid an offensive on the last opposition-held stronghold of Syria’s Idlib at the UN Security Council meeting. Russian-Turkish agreement staved off a threatened govt attack by agreeing on creation of a demilitarized zone between the opposition and government forces in the northwest.Turkey, which backs some opposition groups in Idlib, is to jointly patrol the demilitarized zone with Russia, President Bashar al-Assad’s most powerful ally.Heavy weapons are to be removed from the demilitarized zone by Oct. 10.worldbulletin
Facebook reportedly told a user it removed hateful anti-Muslim posts when it hadn't
Facebook told a user that it had removed hate speech she reported, when it hadn't, according to the BBC.Facebook told user Janet (a name given to the user by the BBC to protect her identity) that it had removed hateful anti-Muslim posts when they actually remained live on the social network.After reporting the posts, she received a message saying: "We removed both the group and all its posts, including the one you reported." But this was not the case.Facebook told the BBC that it is looking into a possible glitch in its content moderation system. The glitch reportedly sends a message telling users that content they've reported has been taken down, when in fact Facebook's moderators have deemed it permissible to stay online."We are investigating this issue, and will share more information as soon as we can," Facebook said. Business Insider contacted Facebook to ask if the glitch has been fixed, what caused it, and how many users it may have affected.Janet shared examples of content which had stayed up after she was told they'd been removed, including from a group with upwards of 54,000 members named "LARGEST GROUP EVER! We need 10000000 members to Make America Great Again!" Janet reported the group for anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric.How Facebook goes about removing content that is false or divisive was a key talking point when COO Sheryl Sandberg gave testimony to Congress earlier this month. Facebook also admitted in August that it had been "too slow" to act on hate speech in Myanmar."Facebook claims to be removing this content but obviously they are not," Janet said. "I can't be the only one."businessinsider
HRW: Iraqis forcibly disappeared in ISIL crackdown
Dozens of Iraqi men and boys have been forcibly disappeared by Iraqi security forces since 2014, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).In a report published on Thursday, the rights group said 74 mostly Sunni Arab men and four boys had been disappeared between April 2014 and Oct.2017, often in the context of counterterrorism operations.Since 2014, pro-Govt  forces have carried out operations to find fighters and supporters of the ISIL.The cases are part of a wider continuing trend according to HRW, which says it continues to receive reports of disappearances across Iraq. "Families across Iraq whose fathers, husbands, and sons disappeared after Iraqi forces detained them are desperate to find their loved ones," said Lama Fakih, deputy Middle East director at HRW."Despite years of searching, and requests to Iraqi authorities, the Govt  has provided no answers about where they are or if they are even still alive."International Commission on Missing Persons estimates that the number of missing people in Iraq ranges from 250,000 to one million people.aljazeera
SC judgement on Aadhaar: Minority verdict is more correct, says Justice (retd) KS Puttaswamy
Civil offence for Hindus, crime for Muslims: Triple talaq ordinance is plainly discriminatory: Kavita Krishnan
Fraud on the Constitution: Justice Chandrachud’s Stinging Dissent:Sushovan Sircar
Meerut viral video: Students anxious as cops & Hindutva groups join forces to play moral police:Abhishek Dey
Muslims in Maharashtra Mobilise, Demand 5% Reservation; Punishment for Lynchers:Scharada Dubey
Why making instant triple talaq an offence is no empowerment of Muslim women:Samiya Latief
Ordinance won’t help Muslim women:Aftab Alam, Professor at AMU
Constitution framers did not anticipate use of criminal law in reforming Muslim Personal Law:Vineeth Krishna E
Congress may field fewer Muslim candidates in 2019 than it did in 2013:Rituraj Tiwari
Apex court has upheld constitutionality of Aadhaar. But it has also struck down its ubiquitous deployment:Arvind p. Datar
What is the role of the mosque in Islam?Adrija Roychowdhury
Series of Attacks Targeting Christians in UP:Aman Kumar
By Passing Aadhaar Act as Money Bill, Has SC Saved or Sacrificed Rajya Sabha?Alok Prasanna Kumar

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