01 September 2019

1 SEPT: NRC: UN refugee chief urges India to ensure no one left stateless/NRC: BJP 'Loses Hope' in Assam, But Its Delhi, Telangana Leaders Want Similar Exercise/Deeply concerned about the situation in Kashmir: US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders

01 SEPT. 2019: 01 MUHARRAM 1441: Vol: 12, No: 01
NRC: UN refugee chief urges India to ensure no one left stateless
 Berlin:Top UN refugee official has urged India to ensure that no one is left stateless by the exclusion of nearly 2 million people from a citizenship list in Assam. Filippo Grandi, UN high commissioner for refugees, voiced his concern in a statement. He said that “any process that could leave large numbers of people without a nationality would be an enormous blow to global efforts to eradicate statelessness.”He urged India to ensure no one ends up stateless, “including by ensuring adequate access to information, legal aid, and legal recourse in accordance with the highest standards of due process.”AP
NRC: BJP 'Loses Hope' in Assam, But Its Delhi, Telangana Leaders Want Similar Exercise
New Delhi:Even as BJP changes its stance on NRC in Assam, saying ‘genuine Indians’ have been left out of the register, leaders of the party’s Telangana and Delhi units have demanded that the exercise be replicated in their respective states.Even before NRC was released, BJP began expressing apprehensions that it would not be “error-free”.Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that BJP has “lost hope in the present form of NRC” right after the draft. “When so many genuine Indians are out, then how can you claim that this document is a red-letter for Assamese society,” he said. He said, “this NRC won’t help us get rid of foreigners”. .As Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty wrote recently, BJP’s stance on NRC has changed because of the possibility that a significant number of Bengali Hindus could also be excluded. The community is a voter base of BJP. However, BJP seems to be singing a different tune in Delhi and Telangana. Party leaders from both states have claimed that number of undocumented immigrants has increased and suggested NRC exercise as a remedy. thewire
NRC: 2 sisters submit same document, one included, other excluded
Guwahati: 2 sisters who submitted the same document to get their names included in NRC in Assam have met with contrasting fates -- one was included but other was excluded.This is not an isolated case. There are reports of hundreds of other cases where some members of a family were included but others were not. After their morning tea on Saturday, Mukul Bose, 51, and her daughter, Mousumi, sat together to check if the names of their family members were included in NRC. Mukul was praying. She was shocked when Mousumi told her she had been excluded.While filing for NRC, Mukul had submitted the land document of her father. Her sister, Shefali Baidya, too had submitted this document. Shefali made it to the list but Mukul did not.“This is an injustice. How can one sister be excluded and the other included based on the same document which they submitted to NRC authorities?” argued Mousumi, who is a post-graduate. “We cannot accept this. We will fight till the end,” she said.“She wonders how it is possible. She had submitted all her documents establishing her linkage to her father Khagendra Nath Basu. We celebrated her 50th birthday last year with much fanfare. She was born in this country. Sadly, she is now faced with a nationality crisis,” a worried Mousumi lamented. newindianexpress
NRC divides family of 4: Father worried after younger son left out of list
Kanrul Islam, a resident Guwahati, has been gripped by anxiety after his son's name was not there in the final NRC list published on Saturday."We are a total of 4 family members but there were only 3 names in the first NRC list. Then we got a notice for my younger son, whose name was missing from the list. The authorities had asked us to submit the documents with links and we submitted that. Then we were told that his name would be included in the second list," Kanrul Islam told ANI."His name was not included in the second list as well. I visited the office thrice to provide them with proper documents but his name has not been included in the final list as well," he added.ANI
‘I don’t know what to do… will anyone give me job?’
Guwahati: Basiron Bewa, 57, went door to door in her village Karbala in Goalpara district to arrange sureties for her son Batchu Ali.Now back home at Karbala, 39-year-old Batchu says he got the news in jail on August 4 that she had died, and was allowed to pay his last respects. Breaking down over the phone, he says he got his release orders finally on Aug.9. “She was not there when I came out…All these years, she would visit me once or twice a month. But in July, after the Supreme Court order, she came 5-6 times, as she was trying to get me out…Maybe all the hectic activity took a toll.”For Nur Mohammed Ali, a daily wager in Goalpara, the release came as swiftly as the arrest — without announcement or warning. On a winter morning of 2010, Nur was picked up and deposited in a jail 15 km away on the grounds of being an “illegal foreigner”. In the waning summer of 2019, the 61-year-old was released.Both times, Nur was taken by surprise. So when his cousin Ibrahim Ali came to receive him on Aug.9, Nur burst into tears and fainted in his arms right after stepping out of Goalpara District Jail. An SC bench led by CJI had ordered on May 10 that “declared foreigners” who had spent over 3 years in detention camps could secure conditional release on the fulfilment of certain conditions: a bond with 2 sureties of Rs 1 lakh each, a verifiable address of stay after release, biometrics of iris and prints of all 10 fingers, and appearance before a specified police station once a week. Indian express
AIDUF Changes Stand on NRC Final List, Thanks SC in Resolving the Foreigners' Issue in Assam
Guwahati: In a shift of stand over updation of NRC in Assam, AIUDF has thanked Supreme Court for taking the initiative to ascertain genuine citizens.The foreigners issue in the state has been festering for the last 40 years but no Govt was willing to resolve it. It was the Supreme Court which took initiative of NRC updation to ascertain the genuine citizens,AIUDF spokesman and MLA Aminul Islam said.Till now all Muslims in Assam were wrongly referred to as Bangladeshis. "But at least NRC has helped to establish who is an Indian or a foreigner," he said."It will be premature to say whether we are satisfied or dissatisfied with the final NRC, but it is a step towards resolving foreigners' issue in Assam and this has been possible only due to the initiative of the SC," he said. AIDUF earlier alleged that some officers associated with NRC have been given verbal orders by different quarters to include names of people belonging to a particular religion and delete those belonging to another. PTI
 In family of 52, four out of draft NRC, 45 out now
The extended family of Iman Ali (62) is almost completely excluded from the final NRC published on Saturday. 52 members of his joint family used the legacy of his father Joranuddin Sheikh, and on Saturday only 7 of them found themselves in NRC.“Around 10.30 am, I went to a store in the village market which has a laptop, to check my status on NRC website. I found that we had been excluded,” Ali said.“Over the last two years, I have been one of the most active local campaigners for the NRC, urging people to apply and helping them with hearings and filing documents.”Ali, a farmer and former president of the Hatishala local market committee, said the problem was in his father’s name.“He was actually Joyanuddin Sheikh.But in 1966 voters’ list that we submitted for NRC, it is spelt as Joranuddin Sheikh. We were all included earlier —- only four of the 52 of us were excluded from the draft NRC,” he said.“But then there was an ‘objection’ filed against me, my two cousins and one uncle,” pointed out Mizanur Rehman, Ali’s eldest son, a tractor driver.“We went for the hearing regarding the objection. The objector did not come and we don’t personally know the person who filed it. During the hearing we were asked the reason for the difference between ‘Joyanuddin’ and ‘Joranuddin’ in the documents. We realised the problem and said we have a land document of 1964 which mentions our grandfather’s name as ‘Joyanuddin’, the actual name. But they disallowed that,” Rehman said.indianexpress
40 yrs of hanging on to a driving licence… ‘now this’
Silchar :In the summer of 1982, Bushan Das, a resident of Udayan Nagar colony on the outskirts of southern Assam’s Silchar, had got his driving licence. For 18-year-old, whose father made a living washing dishes, it was a big deal.Over the years, driving a Tata Sumo across Assam, Das wielded the card as a “hathiyar (weapon)” whenever he found himself in a spot of trouble.On Saturday, Das, now 55, stood outside an NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) in Tarapur, clutching a folder of documents, including driving licence. It’s been more than a year that Das gave up driving (his sugar had shot up and his liver was giving trouble), but the little card remained on his person.However, on Saturday, the card did not work its magic. Das’s 25-year-old son Biswajeet emerged from NSK to tell him he was out.As Das stood dispondent, a bystander sympathised, “Maha shomshya (What a big mess).”indianexpress
NRC exercise raises fear of genuine citizens being left out: CPI(M)
CPI(M) has said the exclusion of over 19 lakh people from NRC in Assam had raised fears of legitimate citizens being left out of the document.PTI
Mamata calls NRC a fiasco, says she was shocked that 1 lakh Gorkhas left out of database
West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has said she was shocked to find out that 1 lakh people from Gorkha community were excluded from NRC, and urged the Centre to ensure genuine Indians were not left out of the database of citzens.Banerjee’s TMC alleged hours later that Centre was trying to drive out Bengalis from Assam in the name of the exercise.Pointing out that she was not aware “of the full NRC fiasco”, Banerjee added: “In fact, names of thousands and thousands of genuine Indians, including those of CRPF and other jawans, family members of ex President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, have been excluded.”
Deeply concerned about the situation in Kashmir:  US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders
US senator and presidential contender Bernie Sanders Sunday said that he was “deeply concerned” about the situation in J&K. Calling India’s actions “unacceptable”, US Senator said that the communication blockade in the state must be immediately lifted. Sanders also urged US Govt to “speak out boldly” in support of a UN-backed peaceful resolution in Kashmir.“India’s action (in Kashmir) is unacceptable and the communications blockade must be lifted immediately, and US Govt must speak out boldly in support of international humanitarian life and in support of a UN-backed peaceful resolution,” Sanders said while addressing a gathering at Islamic Society of North America’s (ISNA) Convention in Houston. US Senator also said that the crackdown “in name of security” acts as a barrier for the public to get access to medical care. “Many doctors in India have acknowledged that the Indian Govt restrictions on travel are threatening the life-saving care that patients need,” Sanders said.indianexpress
Bernie Sanders expresses concern about Kashmir, says India’s actions ‘unacceptable’
Imran Khan attacks RSS, says Hindu supremacy sustains on Muslim hatred
 Pakistan PM Imran Khan today slammed the BJP, saying that an extreme ideology had taken over India, which doesn’t consider minorities, especially Muslims, as equal. While addressing 56th Convention of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) via video link, PTI chief said that it was necessary to tell the Western world that what was happening in India. He further urged the western societies to understand RSS.Calling RSS a parent organisation of ruling BJP, PM Khan said that RSS is an organisation believing in the racial supremacy of the Hindu civilisation and ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India. He further asked people to research and find out about the origins of RSS. He further asked ISNA to make people across the globe understand what was happening in India. While commenting on the invalidation of the special status of J&K, he said that BJP Govt was trying to change the demography of a Muslim majority province to Muslim minority province. He said that he would raise the issue at the UN  General Assembly and had asked the OIC to play its role in the matter.He said that only this would happen if RSS goons were allowed to roam few amongst the population. He further blamed RSS ideology for the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, mob lynching incidents and the situation of the Valley.newsx
European Parliament, US House Committee to Discuss Kashmir
US House Foreign Relations Committee and European Parliament will discuss the Kashmir issue in their upcoming sessions, the media reported.Chairman of the US House Subcommittee on Asia Brad Sherman announced on Friday that subcommittee “will soon hold a hearing on the deteriorating situation in Kashmir which has been under a clampdown since Aug5”, Geo News reported. This comes amid tensions between the 2 neighbours over India’s revocation of special status for J&K. The European Parliament will also take on the Kashmir issue in its upcoming session on September 2, according to Geo News.The Parliament which will resume after a recess of six weeks has requested the European External Action Service (Foreign Ministry of European Union) to submit a full report consisting of “violation of human rights and international law”.IANS
Pak foreign minister sets conditions for dialogue with India, wants Kashmiri leaders released
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has set conditions for dialogue with India on the Kashmir dispute, demanding that local politicians be released and prohibitory orders be removed from the state. In an interview with BBC, Qureshi said Pakistan had never refused to negotiate with India, but the atmosphere was not conducive for dialogue right now.“In an environment where curfew is imposed, people are suffering with life and death situation, gangrapes are taking place, people are incarcerated, I don’t see any negotiating environment,” Qureshi said
Article 370 Kashmir: 25 days on, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti finally allowed to meet families
Ex-J&K CMs Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have finally allowed to meet their family members. Reports said both the mainstream leaders met their families at their respective places where they have been lodged since August 5. Omar Abdullah is lodged at Hari Niwas, Mehbooba Mufti at a tourism department property in Chesmashahi.Reports said exCM Omar Abdullah has met twice his relatives this week while Mehbooba Mufti has met her mother and sister. The relatives of both the leaders have visited Deputy Commissioner’s office several times and finally got permission from the officials to visit the detained leaders. However, there is no word on when the detained leaders will be released. newsx
Stopped from flying to Germany, says Kashmir journalist-author
Kashmiri journalist and author Gowhar Geelani has claimed he was not allowed to travel to Germany to attend a conference organised by Deutsche Welle, German public broadcaster. Geelani, who has worked with Deutsche Welle in Germany earlier, said that he joined the media house as an editor again recently and was on way to its HQRS for an 8-day journalist training programme beginning Sept.1 when he was stopped at IGI Airport.Geelani said. “I had checked in, and at the Immigration was asked by the staff to accompany them to a room, where an officer, who identified himself as Abhishek, told me that they have instructions not to allow me to leave the country.”indianexpress
Manmohan slams all-round mismanagement by Modi govt, says we are in midst of 'prolonged slowdown'
New Delhi: The country is in the midst of a prolonged slowdown, ex PM Manmohan Singh said as he held the "all-round mismanagement" by Modi Govt responsible for the ongoing economic crisis in the country. "State of economy is deeply worrying. Last quarter GDP growth rate of 5% signals that we are in midst of prolonged slowdown," ex PM was quoted as saying by PTI. Singh said that the economic policies of the current Govt are resulting in massive job loses and urged it to consult "all sane voices" to help the economy get back on track. "The country has the potential to grow at much faster rate. Reach out to all sane voices to steer economy out of this man-made crisis," he said.  Singh said it is particularly distressing that the manufacturing sector's growth is tottering at 0.6 %. This makes it very clear that our economy has not yet recovered from the man-made blunders of demonetisation and a hastily implemented GST," he said. "Investor sentiments are in doldrums. These are not the foundations for economic recovery," he added. Ex- PM alleged that institutions are under attack and their autonomy is being eroded. On Govt taking Rs 1.76 lakh crore from RBI reserves, Singh said the resilience of RBI will be tested after this record transfer to the Govt. This, he said, "claims that it does not have a plan on what it will do with this windfall". Noting that domestic demand is depressed and consumption growth is at an 18-month low and nominal GDP growth is at a 15 year low, he said, "There is a gaping hole in tax revenues.Tax buoyancy remains elusive as businessmen, small and big, are hounded and tax terrorism continues unabated. Investor sentiments are in doldrums. These are not the foundations for economic recovery". Blaming the Modi govt's policies for massive job-less growth, he said more than 3.5 lakh jobs have been lost in the automobile sector alone. There will similarly be large-scale job losses in the informal sector, hurting most vulnerable workers, he said. He said rural India is in terrible shape as farmers are not receiving adequate prices and rural incomes have declined. The low inflation rate that the Modi Govt likes to showcase comes at the cost of our farmers and their incomes, by inflicting misery on over 50 % of India's population, he alleged. Singh, a noted economist, said the credibility of India's data has come under question under this Govt. "Budget announcements and rollbacks have shaken the confidence of international investors. India has not been able to increase its exports to take advantage of opportunities that have arisen in global trade due to geopolitical realignments. Such is the state of economic management under Modi Govt,"he alleged. TOI
Rise in cases of banking fraud, picture on economic front worrisome, says Shiv Sena
Mumbai: SHIV Sena has said that though the economy was impacted by the slowdown, there was “rise in banking fraud” cases. In an editorial in party mouthpiece Saamana, it said the picture on the economic front was “worrisome”.The editorial referred to RBI's recent report indicating that the banking sector reported 6,801 frauds involving a total Rs 71,542.93 crore. It also showed that the number of fraud cases has increased by 15 % compared to last year and the amount involved in the frauds has gone up by almost 74 %.The editorial said the banking frauds have become a “blot on the Indian economy”. “The bank scams have not stopped and the amount of fraud has gone up by 74 percent. It may lead people to ask what change has happened on the economic front in our country. The bank scams have become biggest obstacle in the economic development,” said the editorial.“Various industries and businesses have been impacted by slowdown. Employment generation has stopped and many are losing the jobs. Though economy is impacted by the slowdown, there is rise in the banking frauds. This picture on economic front is worrisome,”it said.indianexpress
Bank Mergers Won't Lead To Job Loss: Sitharaman
Chennai: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today calmed fear of job loss following the merging of public sector banks, saying it would not lead to any. "I have very clearly underlined the fact that there shall not be one employee removed, not at all," she told reporters in Chennai two days after announcing that 27 state-run banks will be merged to form 12 strong banks.It had triggered apprehension, with All-India Bank Employees' Union saying the amalgamation would lead to closure of banks besides job losses. Questions of pink slip after the amalgamation are absolutely "ill-informed," Sitharaman told reporters.On Friday, she unveiled a mega plan to merge weak public sector banks with the strong ones as part of plans to create stronger global-sized lenders.ndtv
Sitharaman ducks 'slowdown' question, says consultations on
As India's GDP fell to a 6-year low of 5 % for April-June quarter, apprehensions of a slowdown have risen. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who has announced a slew of measures off late, however, on Sunday avoided a direct answer to a query whether the economy is currently going through a "slowdown".When a reporter asked if the country is going through a slowdown, she said: "Govt has been in consultation with a lot of sectors. Because in some sectors, the inventory is piling up... different issues for different sectors and having heard that and having spent some time to see how best we can respond, first tranche of announcement were made on Aug23.IANS
2 % TDS on cash withdrawals exceeding Rs 1 crore from today
New Delhi :Aggregate cash withdrawals of amount exceeding over Rs 1 crore from 1 or more accounts will attract a surcharge of 2% from today.In order to discourage high-value withdrawals, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had initially proposed a 2% tax deduction at source(TDS) on Rs 1 crore cash withdrawal from “an account” in her Budget 2019 announcement on July 5. Govt, however, amended the Finance Bill 2019, citing misuse of the proposal by people holding multiple accounts. Now,TDS will be charged if aggregate withdrawal from “one or more accounts” belonging to a person goes beyond Rs 1 crore. indianexpress     
GST collections drop to 6-month low of 98,202 cr in Aug
GST revenues slid to a six-month low of ₹ 98,202 crore in August 2019. Average collections this financial year are still above ₹ 1.02 lakh crore, however.thehindu
BJP, Bajrang Dal take money from ISI says Digvijaya, adds non-Muslims spying for ISI more than Muslims
Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said that BJP and Bajrang Dal were taking money from Pakistan's spy agency ISI. "Bajrang Dal, BJP are taking money from ISI.Attention should be paid to this. Non-Muslims are spying for Pakistan's ISI more than Muslims. This should be understood," he said.Earlier this month, the Congress had claimed that one of 3 persons arrested in MP for a Pakistan-linked terror funding racket was associated with Bajrang Dal, Congress claimed. 3 persons, Balram Singh, Sunil Singh and Shubham Mishra were arrested and 2 of their aids detained on Wednesday in connection with an alleged terror funding racket operated from Satna, police had said on Thursday.  Arrested persons were in contact with Pak handlers with whom they used to share "strategic information", bank details, and carry out dubious cross-border financial transactions, an official had said.MP Congress' media coordinator Narendra Saluja said Balram Singh is associated with Bajrang Dal.Saluja further said Singh was earlier arrested on Feb.8, 2017 along with Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha IT Cell coordinator Dhruv Saxena and several others by ATS on charges of spying for Pakistan and working with ISI.theweek
Sikh girl who was allegedly forced to convert to Islam refuses to go home: Pak official
Lahore:Sikh girl, who was allegedly abducted and converted to Islam before being married to a Muslim man in Pakistan's Punjab province, on Saturday refused to go home despite the provincial governor's plea, fearing threat to her life, an official said.Punjab Governor Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar met the girl at a shelter home in Lahore and requested her to go back to her family but she refused, citing a threat to her life, he said.The girl, who is the daughter of a Sikh priest, was on Friday sent to Darul Aman (shelter home) on a court order after she told the judge that she married Mohammad Hassan of her locality with her own free will. Kaur's family alleged that she was converted to Islam at gunpoint and forced to marry a Muslim boy. Her family says she is 18 years of age.On Saturday, Governor Sarwar met with the Sikh girl at Lahore’s Darul Aman and tried his best to persuade her to return her parents’ home but she declined, an official of Punjab Govt told PTI.He said the girl told the governor that she loved Hassan and married him with her own free will. Kaur said she feared for her life if she returned to her parents’ home in Nankana Sahib. Police on Saturday detained 10 more people, including relatives and friends of Hassan, in connection with the case. The official said that the governor even told her that "her marrying a man outside her religion is becoming a religious matter and there has been tension in Nankana Sahib among Sikhs and Muslims, but she did not budge. PTI
Badal taunts leaderless Muslims with comparison of 1984 Operation Bluestar & demolition of Babri
Former Deputy CM of Punjab and a senior Akali Dal leader, Sukhbir Badal, has taken a dig at the ‘leaderless’ Muslim community by comparing the Operation Bluestar of 1984 and the demolition of Babri Masjid by Hindutva fanatics in 1992.Badal said that while Muslims never forgave the BJP for the demolition of their place of worship on 6 Dec.1992, Sikhs were still voting the Congress to power despite its military operations inside Golden Temple in1984. “See, Congress attacked Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) with tanks and our people still vote for them. On the other hand, you see the case of Babri Masjid…it is said that BJP did it. I don’t want to say it… but has any Muslim ever voted for the party?” NDTV quoted Sukhbir Badal, now an MP, as saying.Badal, whose wife is a minister in Centre’s Modi Govt, was addressing a group of Sikh religious organisations after praying at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.Badal also took a dig at the Muslim community for their inability to unite and protest the rampant lynchings of those belonging to their faith. He said that this was because Muslims in India had no leaders.“I don’t want to take the names of other communities which don’t have leaders and are in a shambles. I am just quoting a very minor incident where a Sikh driver was assaulted and the accused had to lose his job only because we are united. Followers of many religions are being assaulted every day and nobody even cares about them,” Badal, according to NDTV, added.jantakareporter

Kerala: 30 students booked for waving flag resembling that of Pakistan inside campus
Kerala Police has filed a case against 30 students for allegedly waving a flag that resembled that of Pakistan on campus. The incident happened in Silver College, Perambra in Kozhikode district of Kerala and students belong to Muslim Students Front (MSF). MSF which is now in the eye of storm claims that it was a mistake from their end as their intention was to use a flag of their organisation.According to police, the incident happened on Thursday, during college union poll campaign. Students belonging to UDF, which includes KSU and MSF held a procession on one side of the campus. Among the smaller flags of the respective outfits, a group of students also waved a larger flag which resembled the flag of Pakistan. Over 30 students booked for allegedly waving #Pakistan flag in college campus of Kerala. Case has been filed against students from MSF. This incident happened when students were carrying out procession as part of union elections. Soon after the visuals of the incident went viral on social media, police launched a probe into the incident.indiatoday
JNU asks historian Romila Thapar for her CV to evaluate if she can continue as professor emerita
JNU administration has asked historian Romila Thapar to submit her curriculum vitae so that it can decide if she should continue as professor emerita, The Telegraph reported. Thapar had retired from the university in 1991 and was made professor emerita 2 years later.An emeritus position is an honour conferred by the university on a retired professor in appreciation of their past work.Once chosen, an academic typically continues in the post throughout, unidentified JNU faculty members told The Telegraph.The university’s website already has Thapar’s CV, though seemingly an earlier version. “It is a very unfortunate thing,” Thapar said.
Ex-Mamata aide ‘humiliated’, wants to quit BJP weeks after joining
Former Kolkata mayor Sovan Chatterjee, who joined BJP earlier this month, has expressed desire to quit the saffron fold for being “regularly humiliated”, his close associate Baishakhi Banerjee claimed. Chatterjee, a 4-time TMC MLA, had joined BJP along with Banerjee in New Delhi on 14 Aug.“Since joining BJP, we are being regularly humiliated and insulted without any reason. Sovan Chatterjee had taken a sabbatical from active politics. It was I who played a key role in bringing him back and made him join BJP,” she told reporters.“If we are being humiliated, then we could have stayed back in TMC only. Therefore, we have expressed our desire to leave the party. If needed, we would send our resignation to the BJP leadership.”PTI
Finding something good Modi has done is like looking for needle in haystack: Khurshid
New Delhi: Finding something good PM Narendra Modi has done would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid said today, days after some party leaders called for praising the PM whenever he does good work. Khurshid also said the Congress has "very serious concerns" about how the country is being run. His remarks come days after Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said Modi's governance model is not a "complete negative story" and not recognising his work and demonising him all the time is not going to help. "From my point of view, it would be (like) looking for a needle in a haystack to find something good that he (Modi) has done," Khurshid told PTI. PTI
New Governors appointed in 5 States; Arif Mohd Khan gets Kerala, Kalraj transferred to Rajasthan
Senior BJP leaders Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Tamilisai Soundararajan were appointed as Governors of Maharashtra and Telangana on Sunday. Former Union minister Arif Mohammed Khan and BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya were appointed as Governors of Kerala and Himachal Pradesh, respectively, according to an official statement. 58-year-old Soundararajan, former Tamil Nadu BJP chief and the party's national secretary, moves to Raj Bhavan in Telangana. The post was under the dual charge of ESL Narasimhan, who was Governor of Andhra Pradesh before its bifurcation. He recently demitted office. Koshyari replaces Vidya Sagar Rao, whose 5-year term came to an end. This proves that Modi Govt accords top priority to true secular values by appointing Arif Moh., as governor. Former civil aviation minister Khan takes over as the Governor of Kerala, replacing P Sathasivam, the former chief justice of India whose five-year term came to an end. Dattatreya has been appointed as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh replacing Kalraj Mishra, who moves to Rajasthan. PTI
Lalu’s condition not stable, kidneys not functioning properly: Doctor
The condition of jailed RJD chief Lalu Prasad is not stable as his kidneys are not functioning properly, and blood sugar and blood pressure are fluctuating, a senior doctor attending to him said. Lalu,71, is undergoing treatment at RIMS in Ranchi.PTI
Coimbatore terror threat: How a 39-yr-old Kerala man ended being wrongly framed
Kochi: Ask Abdul Khader Raheem Kolliyil about the experience of being chased by police after an intelligence alert flashed him as a terror suspect and channels started running breaking news on him. One can see intense fear building up on his face. The events that happened in his life between Aug 22 and Aug 27, during which he surrendered and was subsequently released from police custody, still haunt 39-year-old Kodungalloor native and he knows things could have been far worse if it was not for his timely decision to surrender in court, expressing his willingness to undergo interrogation. Of course, Khader is now a relieved man as he has managed to convince security agencies about how a few influential people in Bahrain, whom he had antagonised, framed him as a terror suspect in an act of vengeance.newindianexpress
Family hungry for 5 days, unemployed man commits suicide in UP
Kasganj: A 41-year-old man has committed suicide in this UP district and his family said that they had not eaten food since the past five days.The body of Pooran Singh was found hanging from a tree in a forest here on Saturday. Police suspect that he committed suicide. He was a resident of Maheshpur road in Bilram area under the jurisdiction of Dholna police jurisdiction. According to sources, the man was unemployed and was unable to make ends meet to support his wife and 3 children. The family had been reduced to penury and forced to either go hungry or beg for food from neighbours.According to his daughter, Gudiya, 9, her father had gone to Delhi in search of employment but could not find any job.IANS
Delhi: Rights event disrupted by protestors after venue officials say it’s against national interest
An event organised by human rights organisations and activists in New Delhi, and attended by concerned citizens, lawyers, labour leaders and human rights experts from across the country, was disrupted on Sunday by a group of people opposed to discussions on democratic rights.National Convention in Defence of Democratic Rights kicked off at the Malviya Smriti Bhavan in central Delhi on Saturday. Though the venue officials had initially granted permission, they began to express their unhappiness on Saturday that the topics for discussion included repression of dissidents, revocation of J&K’s special constitutional status, and Dalit and minority rights.“Since yesterday itself the management started saying they are under pressure not to let us hold a meeting in defence of democratic rights,” CPI(Marxist-Lenninist) Politbureau member Kavita Krishnan told “They specifically said democratic rights was the problem.”
Muharram Moon 2019 sighted in India, Pakistan
The new moon of the month of Muharram al Haram has sighted today i.e. Saturday, corresponding to 29th of Dhul Hijjah, Ruyat e Hilal Committee in India and Pakistan said in a separate statement."The new moon of the month of Muharram is sighted today. Hence, first day of Muharram and the New Islamic Year will be today", Ruyat e Hilal Committee Imarate Shariah Hind, New Delhi and Jama Masjid said."Accordingly, Youme Ashura this year will be on Sept.10", they said." Moon of Muharramul Haram has been sighted in Pakistan, Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced", Samaa Tv reported.
Houthis: Saudi-led coalition bombs Yemen prison, kills dozens
Dozens of people have been killed when a Saudi-UAE-led military coalition battling the Houthi rebel movement bombed a prison in western Yemen, according to the rebels. Yusuf al-Hadri, a spokesman for Houthis' ministry of health, said at least 60 people were killed in Sunday's air raids which hit a complex used as a detention centre north of Dhamar city. 50 people were wounded, he told rebel-run Al Masirah TV, adding that 185 prisoners of war were being held overall at the Dhamar Community College. Nazem Saleh was among those held at the facility. "We were sleeping and around midnight, there were maybe three, or four, or six strikes," he told AP."They were targeting the jail, I really don't know the strike numbers ... We were 100 persons on the ground level and around 150 on the upper level," he said while on a stretcher in a local hospital.In a statement carried on Saudi state TV, the coalition said it had launched air raids on Houthi military targets in Dhamar and destroyed a site storing drones and missiles.aljazeera
Yemen: Aden offensive separatists arrest gov't supporters
Separatists in the Yemeni city of Aden say they have arrested dozens of people loyal to the internationally-recognised Govt of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. Govt forces withdrew from the city after air raids by UAE.It has been more than four years since the Saudi-Emirati coalition began its military offensive supporting the Yemeni Govt against Houthi rebels.aljazeera
Taliban attacks 2nd Afghan city as talks with US wrap up
Taliban has launched an attack on the capital of northern Afghanistan's Baghlan province and gun battles with Govt forces are ongoing, according to an official, overshadowing increasing expectations over a peace deal between the group and US aimed at ending 18 years of war.There was no immediate word on any casualties but Jawed Basharat, spokesman for the provincial police chief, said on Sunday that fighting continued on outskirts of Puli Khumri.The early-morning attack came a day after hundreds of Taliban fighters overran parts of Kunduz, one of Afghanistan's largest cities, in a major show of strength as group wrapped up another round of peace talks with US in Qatar. The assault on Kunduz set off a day of gun battles, with the Afghan military deploying reinforcements and using air power to repel fighters. On Sunday, interior ministry said the Taliban had been cleared from Kunduz but some fighters had fled to Baghlan."We hear the sound of blasts. The people [Puli Khumri] are so worried," Safdar Mohsini, chief of the Baghlan provincial council, told AP.If the Taliban enter the city they will be very difficult to repel, Mohsini added, saying security forces at some checkpoints had run away without resistance. The city, which is home to over 200,000 people, is located 230km north of Kabul.The attack in Baghlan came hours after Zalmay Khalilzad, US envoy heading the negotiations with the Taliban, said he raised the Kunduz attack in his talks with the group in Doha and told its representatives "violence like this must stop". Taliban has long demanded a complete withdrawal of foreign troops to "end the occupation" in Afghanistan.The attacks on Saturday and Sunday are seen as strengthening the Taliban's negotiating position in the talks with Khalilzad, who, for nearly a year, has sought a deal on a US troop withdrawal in exchange for Taliban guarantees that Afghanistan will not be used as a launchpad for attacks outside country.Intizar Khadim, a political analyst in Kabul, told Al Jazeera, that Taliban was taking "calculative steps".After the end of the ninth round of talks in the early hours of Sunday, Khalilzad said he was headed to Kabul to brief the Afghan Govt. He said the US and Taliban are "at the threshold of an agreement". Suhail Shaheen, Taliban's political spokesman in Doha, said talks between the 2 sides were a "success"."At 2pm today, we will be talking with a small group of US officials on technical issues of the deal." aljazeera
Russia slams US for 'indiscriminate' attack in Idlib
Russia, a major backer of Syria's Govt, has accused the US of having "compromised" a fragile ceasefire in Syria's Idlib province by launching an attack on the rebels' last remaining bastion.US Central Command (CENTCOM) said it had hit an al-Qaeda-linked training camp in northern Idlib, targeting leaders that were "responsible for attacks threatening US citizens, partners, and innocent civilians". Russian military said on Sunday that US struck region "without advance notice to Russia or Turkey", which have troops on the ground in Idlib. It described the attack as "indiscriminate". The raid caused "great losses and destruction", Russian defence ministry added, accusing Washington of having "compromised the ceasefire in the de-escalation zone of Idlib".aljazeera
Netanyahu repeats pledge to annex Israeli settlements in occupied West Bank
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu intends to annex Israeli settlements in occupied West Bank, he said today, reiterating an election promise made five months ago but again giving no timeframe.Settlements are one of most heated issues in Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Palestinians have voiced fears that Netanyahu could defy international consensus and move ahead with annexation with possible backing from US President Donald Trump, a close ally.“With God’s help we will extend Jewish sovereignty to all the settlements as part of the  Land of Israel, as part of State of Israel,” he said.Reuters
PA signs $15m agreement with China
Secretary General of PA Council of Ministers, Amjad Ghanim, has signed an agreement with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Palestine, Guo Wei, for implementation of $15 million’s worth of projects in Palestine.After signing the agreement at the HQRS of the Secretariat General of Council of Ministers, Ghanim said that the first stage of the grant will be used to help school students and the poor. He thanked China for the grant it has provided at this time. middleeastmonitor
Myanmar partially lifts internet blackout in Rakhine, Chin
Myanmar has partially lifted a months-long internet blackout in parts of two western states where fighting between the military and rebels battling for greater autonomy has flared up in recent months.The shutdown has been in place in 8 townships in Rakhine state and one in the adjacent Chin state since late June, prompting warnings over potential human rights abuses in a region that is largely off-limits to journalists and most humanitarian agencies.At time, Govt had directed all mobile service providers to suspend services in townships, accusing rebel Arakan Army group of promoting propaganda and misinformation online.Today, Norwegian mobile operator Telenor Group said transport and communications ministry had lifted the blockade in 4 Rakhine townships and the one in Chin at midnight. aljazeera
Myanmar to hold court martial after Rohingya atrocities probe
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