12 October 2019

12 OCT. NEWS : Concept of Uniform Code anti-national; Talaq law to be challenge in SC; No out-of-court settlement in Babri land case: Muslim Personal Law Board meet/J&K: Postpaid mobile services to be restored in Valley from Monday noon/ Industry output slips into negative; Weakest in 7 yrs

12 OCT. 2019: 12 Safar 1441: Vol: 12, No: 34
Concept of Uniform Code anti-national; Talaq law to be challenge in SC; No out-of-court settlement in Babri land case: Muslim Personal Law Board meet
Lucknow:All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Saturday said that the concept of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a threat to the diversity of India and termed it "anti-national".AIMPLB issued a statement after its working committee meeting held at Nadwa in Lucknow today to discuss various issues, including surrendering the disputed land of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya to the Hindu side.Clarifying its stand on the issue of UCC, the board said India is inhabited by multicultural and multi-religious people and each group has the constitutional rights to maintain its identity. It further said that the very concept of UCC is a threat to the diversity of India and it is the duty of the board to oppose it by democratic and peaceful means.The board described termed the idea of a uniform civil code as "anti-national", saying it will not just affect minorities but also the social rights of tribals.On a recent statement by a group of ‘eminent’ Muslim intellectuals suggesting that Ayodhya land be handed over to the Hindu side, the board said the basic stand of the Muslim community is that land dedicated for the mosque cannot be altered, changed or transferred in any manner. The board also cited the law of Sharia behind the its stand of not giving away or surrendering the land.The board has also stated that the submission of Muslim side is based on historical facts and evidence that Babri Mosque was constructed without demolishing any Mandir or any other place of worship. AIMPLB has also made it clear that the case is in its final stage and there is no possibility of any mediation or reconciliation. The board expressed hope that the SC's ruling on Ayodhya issue will be in favour of Muslims. "Committee members expressed satisfaction over the strong legal points made by senior counsel representing the Muslim side before the court. The Muslim side has strong arguments and we are hopeful that the apex court judgement will be in our favour," said a board office-bearer. It has also decided to challenge constitutionality of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019. The board observed that the Act is far from protecting the rights of Muslim women and children in marriage as it will completely destroy the marriage and render Muslim women destitute.news18
Muslim Board set to challenge Talaq in SC
AIBMAC convener Jilani snubs appeal to give Ayodhya land to Hindus as 'goodwill gesture'India
UP lone Muslim minister terms AIMPLB as 'unconstitutional NGO'
An UP minister today termed  All India Muslim Personal Law Board(AIMPLB) an "unconstitutional NGO" and questioned its ongoing executive meeting here over the Ayodhya land dispute. UP''s Minister of State for Minority Welfare Muslim Waqf and Haj Mohsin Raza also raised doubts over the AIMPLB''s source of funding.Reacting to Raza''s remarks, AIMPLB member Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali said "those raising such questions should know that there is a Constitution and law in the country, and they should be aware about it. The AIMPLB has been formed under the Societies Registration Act, and is a registered organisation."PTI
KK Muhammad was never part of BB Lal's Ayodhya excavation team: AMU prof Rizvi
Professor Syed Ali Rizvi, chairman, department of history, AMU has rebutted the claims of KK Muhammad that he participated in the excavations conducted at Ayodhya by BB Lal. In response to an interview in TOI that 'There is no doubt that a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu existed below Babri Masjid'. Professor Rizvi wrote in letter: “KK Muhammad also adds that he was "the only Muslim member" of the team which excavated under BB Lal at Ayodhya. The fact is that he was never a part of BB Lal's excavation team! Don't believe me, check the reports filed by BB Lal himself and published in Archaeological Survey of India Annual Reports. His name occurs nowhere! Check the reports filed by BB Lal himself and published in Archaeological Survey of India Annual Reports. His name occurs nowhere! And how could it? The excavations were carried out in 1976-77, 1977-78, and 1978-79. As per a CV uploaded by Muhammad on AMU website, Muhammad completed his Masters course in 1975 and did a diploma in archaeology in 1976-77 from School of Archaeology, ASI, New Delhi.In 1978, as per his personal file available in dept (accessed by me as chairman) he was appointed as research assistant, a post on which he was confirmed in 1979. He served at the archaeology section of the department of history first as research assistant and then subsequently as assistant archaeologist till 1988 when he ultimately joined ASI.”So when and how was he involved in the Ayodhya excavations led by BB Lal?” Rizvi further stated, “It is also factually incorrect that BB Lal discovered "pillars" or "pillar-bases" during the course of his excavations. All ASIAR reports are silent on this aspect. Not a word!”. TOI
JDU endorses former AMU VC's suggestion of handing over Ayodhya land to Hindus
New Delhi: JDU General Secretary and National Spokesperson Pavan Verma has lauded the opinion of ex AMU VC Lieutenant General (Retired) Zameer-ud-din Shah who had called on Muslims to hand over the disputed land to Hindu brothers for lasting peace in the country, in case the apex court rules in their favour. "I have always maintained that opinion amongst Muslims themselves should be far more accommodative, realistic and liberal with regards to the Babri Masjid and building of the Ram Temple," Verma said.ANI
J&K: Postpaid mobile services to be restored in Valley from Monday noon
Srinagar:After 68 days of a communication lockdown imposed in J&K, post-paid mobile phone services will be restored in the Kashmir region from Monday noon. Announcing the move on Saturday, J&K Govt spokesperson Rohit Kansal said, “Having reviewed the situation in J&K, a decision has been taken to restore mobile phone facilities in all the remaining areas of J&K.”All post-paid mobile services “irrespective of the telecom service provider will stand restored and be functional from 12 noon on Monday,” Kansal said. Underscoring that with this move, “tourists will be able to visit the state without being handicapped by the lack of phone connectivity,” the Govt spokesperson added that students can now be in touch with their parents while attending schools, businessmen can be in touch with customers, transporters can contact clients, and contractors can be in touch with staff. Earlier this week, the state administration had lifted the tourist advisory issued in the wake of Centre’s Aug.5 decision to revoke J&K’s special status. “For now, the internet will be made available to tourists at three places – Gulmarg, Sonmarg and Pahalgam,” Kansal said. Indian express
Stay in Srinagar till transition takes place on 31st Oct: J&K to its secys
Srinagar:J&K administration has asked all administrative secretaries to remain in Srinagar on the “appointed day” — Oct.31 — when state’s bifurcation into 2 Union Territories comes into effect. Govt officials have said the move is aimed at ensuring a smooth transition.At least 6 departments—Home, General Administration, Planning, Finance, IT and Ladakh Affairs — will remain operational from Srinagar until further orders.indianexpress
Restrictions lifted in 99% areas in J&K: Govt
Restrictions on movement of people have been lifted in "over 99%" areas of J&K, state Govt spokesperson Rohit Kansal said today. He asserted that the curbs were necessary to prevent "externally-aided terrorists" from disturbing peace in J&K in the wake of abrogation of the state's special status.He also said the cases of those who were detained, including political leaders, were being reviewed by the Govt for their release. PTI
Normalcy in Kashmir? Govt advertisements expose ‘normalcy’ claim in Valley
J&K administration has unwittingly let the proverbial cat out of the bag by putting a newspaper front-page ad that screamed: "Closed shops, no public transport? Who benefits?"For several days now, the state administration led by the governor and the Centre have tried to sell the narrative of normalcy in Kashmir to the rest of the country, when for 68 days there is no internet connection or mobile phone service in the Valley. full-page advertisement in Friday’s Greater Kashmir daily asked people to make a choice: “Are we going to succumb to militants?” Militancy was one of the reasons  Centre had cited while scrapping the special status given to J&K. The Govt advertisement today, however, betrayed that it was not militancy, but a silent public disobedience from the people that the administration was up against. The empty roads are perhaps proving to be bad optics against all the talk of "normalcy".The ad urged people to open shops and send children to schools, and not “let a few posters and threats” prevail. "Will we let a few posters and threats push us into not resuming our businesses, into not earning our legitimate livelihood, into not securing a rightful education and secure future for our children, into not letting development bloom for our Kashmir,"it asked Kashmiris. Kashmiris living outside Valley took to social media to callout “Govt propaganda”. "Notice the pleading tone of state admin in a front page ad for Greater Kashmir,"said PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti's Twitter handle, which her daughter has taken over. Kashmir Press Club head Shuja ul Haq said such ads have been published in the last few weeks, particularly about Article 370 and why the special status needed to go.Kashmir Times, a paper published from Jammu and Srinagar, had a Govt ad on Sept.3 that described benefits of “a single Constitution for entire country”. The ad presented pointers to showcase benefits to ST, SC, OBCs, West Pakistan Refugees and women in Kashmir.“There is a lot of public anger against these kinds of advertisements.But there is Govt pressure to publish these ads,”said a journalist. telegraphindia
Modi, Xi conclude informal summit with promise to manage differences ‘prudently’; Gokhale says Kashmir not raised or discussed
New Delhi :PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded their informal summit in Mahabalipuram, outside Chennai, on Saturday with a “new beginning” for cooperation between two countries. Modi, who held talks with Xi at Taj Fisherman’s Cove in Kovalam, said the leaders have decided to “manage their differences prudently” and “will not let them become disputes”.“We had decided to prudently manage differences and not to allow them to become disputes. We had decided that we will be sensitive towards each other’s concerns,” Modi said.He added that there has been “increased stability” and “fresh momentum” in bilateral ties since the Wuhan summit in China last year. He said “strategic communication” has increased between the two sides. Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said the leaders’ one-on-one discussions were based on trade and terrorism. They resolved to work together in facing the challenges of radicalisation and terrorism and had “open and cordial” talks. Gokhale said a new mechanism will be established between the countries to discuss trade, investment and services at an elevated level.The foreign secretary also said Xi invited Modi for the next summit that will be held in China, adding that the dates of the same will be worked out later.When asked if the issue of J&K, regarding the abrogation of Article 370 was discussed by two leaders, Gokhale denied stating that issue was not raised and discussed by either. “Our position is anyway very clear that this is an internal matter of India,” he said.indian express
Lamb Biriyani to Mutton Ularthiyadhu, sumptuous South Indian spread at Modi-Xi dinner
Show ‘56 inch’ chest, tell Xi to vacate PoK land, Kapil Sibal tells Modi
Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal has asked PM Narendra Modi to show his “56 inch” chest by telling Chinese President Xi Jinping to “vacate 5,000 km of land in PoK” and also make it clear that there would be no Huawei in India for 5G.“As Xi Jinping supports Imran Khan on Article 370 Modi Ji look him in the eye at Mamallapuram and say: 1) Vacate 5000 km of land in PoK occupied by China trans-Karakoram 2) No Huawei in India for 5G. Show your 56” ki chhati!” Sibal said in a tweet.“Or is it: case of difference in posturing and action,” the former Union minister said.PTI
Modi has played his last card on Kashmir:Imran
Pakistan PM Imran Khan has said that his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi had made a mistake by revoking the special status of J&K and accused the international media of ignoring the issue. Addressing the participants of a “human chain” event held in Islamabad to express “solidarity” with the people of Kashmir, Khan said the international media was providing full coverage to Hong Kong protests but was ignoring the Kashmir issue. He said Kashmiris would not accept India’s decision to end J&K’s special status and would come out in numbers when the restrictions were lifted.“Narendra Modi committed a mistake, he has played his last card, but the people of Kashmir will never accept it,” he said.Khan said that “people of Kashmir have no fear as for seven decades they had been subjected to conditions that eliminated their fear.”PTI
India may downsize imports from Malaysia after Kashmir remark at UN: Report
New Delhi: India is considering restricting imports of some products from Malaysia including palm oil, according to Govt and industry sources, in reaction to the Southeast Asian country’s leader criticising New Delhi for its actions in Kashmir. India is looking for ways to limit palm oil imports and may place restrictions on other goods from the country, said a Govt source and an industry source who participated in discussions led by Ministry of Commerce and Industry on planned restrictions. Sources asked not to be named as the proposal was still under discussion. India’s Govt was angered after Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad said last month at UN that India had "invaded and occupied" J&K and asked New Delhi to work with Pakistan to resolve the issue. The Govt wants to send a strong signal of its displeasure to Malaysian authorities, the sources said. India, the world’s biggest importer of edible oils, is planning to substitute Malaysian palm oil with supplies of edible oils from countries such as Indonesia, Argentina and Ukraine, said sources. Reuters
J-K: Militants lob grenade in popular Srinagar market, 6 civilians injured
Srinagar: 5 civilians were injured after suspected militants hurled a grenade in a popular market area in Srinagar today, J&K police said.While the condition of those injured is said to be stable, police have cordoned off the area and a search operation is underway. Suspected militants hurled the grenade in Hari Singh High Street Market, which is a few hundred metres away from city centre Lal Chowk, police said.indianexpress    
Industry output slips into negative; Weakest in 7 yrs
Factory output shrank 1.1% in Aug, deepening concerns about the acuteness of India’s economic slowdown and raising questions about the Modi Govt’s ability to arrest the slide in the industrial sector that could threaten jobs and wage hikes this year.The number put out by National Statistical Office (NSO) raised a flutter since economists had forecast that industrial output would grow 1.86 % during the month. IIP gauge recorded the weakest performance in seven years because of a sharp decline in the production of capital goods and consumer durables.This is the second time in more than two years that growth in industrial production has tumbled into negative territory: the last time was in March this year when it fell to -0.1 %.IIP had recorded a growth of 4.8% in August 2018. The previous low in the IIP was -1.7% in Nov. 2012.Electricity generation fell by 0.9 % against an expansion of 7.6 % in the year-ago month while growth in the mining sector was flat at 0.1%. Overall IIP growth during April-August period was 2.4%, down from 5.3% in the corresponding period of the last fiscal. telegraphindia
Ill-conceived demonetisation, poorly executed GST major causes for slump in Indian economy: Rajan
Former RBI  governor Raghuram Rajan has said that India's fiscal deficit 'conceals' a lot and is probably pushing the country to the brink of a 'worrisome' situation. While delivering OP Jindal lecture at Brown University, former RBI governor said the uncertainty about the overall economic vision at the top rungs is causing deep distress in the Indian economy. "India has slowed considerably from go-go years before the financial crisis, but even from 9% growth in the first quarter of 2016." Rajan said, “India is losing its economic way, in part because it is centralising power without a persuasive economic vision. We risk wasting the demographic dividend,” he said.He said the slide can be traced back to "legacy problems that haven't been solved." Even with the country's failing financial sector and a power sector that still needs immediate aid, Rajan said the real problem is that India hasn't been able to figure out "new sources of growth."Citing the example of demonetisation, Rajan blamed the centralised way Govt made decisions, saying, "bold ideas by the top come out of the blue, and are not tested broadly, which can be seriously problematic."“Sequence of demonetisation and GST was essentially the straw that seems to have broken the Indian economy’s back because it came at a point when Indian economy was already relatively weak,” he said.nationalheraldindia/ The Print
GST major cause of slowdown, corporate tax cut won’t help, measures needed to stimulate demand: Chairman of PM's Economic Advisory Council,
Bibek Debroy, Chairman of PM's Economic Advisory Council, has said in an interview to Karan Thapar that Govt will miss the fiscal deficit target of 3.3 % set in the Union Budget.Debroy said it's hard to say by how much it would be missed, but he made it clear that there was no doubt that the fiscal deficit target would be missed. Since the rate of growth of the economy was declining, and was less than what was envisaged when Budget was announced, it automatically follows that fiscal deficit will rise and 3.3 % target will be breached, Debroy explained. Debroy said that it was likely that income tax rates would be cut and we could see a fairly substantial reduction. While he didn't say if this would happen in the next Budget, he did say that logic of the corporate tax cut, announced last month, suggested that it could.IANS
There’s no economic slowdown, claims Ravi Shankar Prasad, cites success of movies as proof
Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has claimed that the big business made by movies shows that there is no economic slowdown in the country.“I was information and broadcasting minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led Govt,” Prasad said at a press conference in Mumbai. “So I like movies. Three movies were released on Oct. 2. Film critic Komal Nahta told me that the national holiday of Oct. 2 saw an earning of over Rs 120 crore – War, Joker and Sye Raa [Narasimha Reddy]. It’s only because the economy is sound that movies can fetch a return of Rs 120 crore in a single day.”scroll/ ANI
Congress seeks white paper on PMC bank scam, says trust deficit in banking system due to frauds
Congress has demanded a white paper on PMC Bank scam to ascertain what had happened that led to a crisis in the bank and who was responsible for it.Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh also accused the BJP Govt of "ruining" the financial sector in the country that has brought about a "trust deficit on India's banking system" among the people.He said people are anxious about going by the scams and mergers happening in the banking sector that they do not know where to put their savings, as there could be restrictions on taking their own money out. Congress leader said Finance ministry and RBI cannot absolve themselves from taking responsibility of the scam in the bank, as under the law the central bank and the ministry is supposed to check the happening of any fraud and monitor banks.PTI
Waivers, write-offs for corporates, but nothing to protect common man, says HDFC chairman
Amid the crisis at PMC Bank, HDFC chairman said it is "brutally unfair" that we have regular loan waivers and corporate loan write-offs but no financial system to protect the common man's savings.The scam at PMC Bank has affected thousands of its depositors as their money is stuck with the urban cooperative bank's after RBI had put a withdrawal limit at Rs 25,000 per accounts last month.Restrictions from RBI came in after it found the bank's exposure to real estate developer HDIL was in too much in excess of what regulations require and also as the lender hid NPAs of HDIL."To my mind, there is no greater cardinal sin in finance than the misuse of the common man's hard-earned savings. It seems brutally unfair that we have allowed a system of loan waivers and write-offs every now and again, but yet we do not have a robust enough financial system to protect the honest common man's savings," Parekh said.PTI
No business, no revenue but at least 16 HDIL-linked firms got PMC loans: Report
An investigation of documents accessed by ‘Indian Express’ shows how a web of firms, many of them based abroad, linked to Housing Development Infrastructure Ltd (HDIL) and their promoters Rakesh and Sarang Wadhawan, with little or zero revenue, borrowed money from PMC Bank and invested in each other and related companies.Privilege Oil & Gas Pvt Ltd, promoted by the Wadhawans, invested money into 2 Mauritius-based firms Sunsara Investments Ltd and Sunshine Overseas Ltd between 2010 and 2014. These foreign subsidiaries of Privilege Oil & Gas are both managed by Abax Corporate Services Ltd, a global advisory, corporate and business service provider, from their office in Ebene in Mauritius, the report said.“Interestingly, the same office of Abax Corporate Services has also been used to manage several offshore companies that have been named in The Panama Papers and Paradise Papers investigated by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)and Indian Express,” report reads.NHI
Passenger vehicle sales down by 23.7% in Sept, 11th straight month of decline
Passenger vehicle sales has gone by 23.7% in Sept - 11th straight month of declines - amid one of the worst slump seen in India's auto industry, data released by an industry body said on Friday. Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) data said, Passenger vehicle sales dropped to 2,23,317 units in Sept, while passenger car sales dived 33.4 % to 1,31,281 units, reported Reutersnationalheraldindia
Mukesh Ambani tops Forbes’ richest Indian list for 12th year, Adani jumps eight spots to No 2
Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani has topped the Forbes list of richest Indians for the 12th consecutive year in 2019. With $51.4 billion net worth on Forbes’ list of richest Indians for the year 2019, Ambani leads the chart despite the Indian economy facing a slowdown. Industrialist Gautam Adani has jumped eight spots to end at second position with an income pegged at $15.7 billion. Adani controls Mundra Port, India’s largest, in his home state of Gujarat. His $13 billion (revenue) Adani Group’s interests include power generation and transmission, edible oil, real estate and defence, Forbes listed. Indian express
Bihar’s Jahanabad communal clashes: 50 arrested
Jahanabad: The district police have beefed up security arrangements here following a major clash between two groups during Durga idol immersion on Thursday, that claimed the life of one person and landed 50 persons in jail, police said today. SP Manish Kumar said, "situation deteriorated on Friday, but has improved on Saturday. So far over 50 people have been arrested from both the sides. Raids are being conducted to arrest the other persons involved in the rioting."Markets and Internet services remained shut on Saturday as well. Kumar said the Internet service will not be restored until the situation becomes normal. 3 youths who were involved in the clash, shot dead Vishnu Kumar on Friday in Jafarganj locality of the city, after which the city was on the boil and stone pelting incidents took place in many areas. The death led to fresh violence which left at least 10 more people injured, including three policeman who tried to intervene.A police officer said that additional security forces have been deployed from various districts.IANS
Bihar: Communal tensions continue in two neighbouring towns following violent clashes
Curfew relaxed briefly in Rajasthan's Tonk district
Jaipur: Curfew was relaxed for 2 hours on Friday in Malpura town of Rajasthan's Tonk district where it was imposed three days ago over communal tensions following pelting of stones at a Dussehra procession.The restrictions were imposed on Wednesday and mobile internet services were also snapped to prevent rumour-mongering."The curfew was relaxed from 0830 to 1030 hrs. The situation in the town is under control," Malpura Circle Officer Jai Singh said. 2 people have been arrested in connection with the incident that took place on Tuesday evening, he added.PTI
Murshidabad Triple Murder Has Nothing to Do With Politics, Repeats Bengal Police
New Delhi: West Bengal police has put out a series of tweets insisting that the triple murder in Murshidabad had “nothing to do with politics.”BJP, however, has remained steadfast in its claim that those killed were associated with the saffron brigade.This week, a 35-year-old school teacher, his wife and their six-year-old child were hacked to death in their house in West Bengal’s Murshidabad. The woman may have been pregnant. A 42-year-old priest was also found dead near the Nadia river.Amidst growing attempts to communalise the murder, West Bengal police tweeted this week saying that the school teacher was also an insurance agent who was going through a serious financial crisis. He had also had some differences with his family.“Prima facie it seems to be a case of personal enmity and has nothing to do with politics,” said Bengal police.thewire
Govt plans new ration cards only after duplicates are weeded out
New Delhi :After linking ration cards with Aadhaar numbers to check bogus entries, Modi Govt is working on a system to ensure that new ration cards are issued only after a national-level “de-duplication” check.This initiative, taken by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, is aimed at reducing corruption in the public distribution system.“Once the proposed system becomes operational, new ration cards will be issued only after the national level de-duplication check is done. At present, the de-duplication check is being done in some states within their jurisdiction. We are planning to implement this at the national level by next year”, said Ravikant,Secretary,Dept.of Food and Public Distribution. “We have asked states to share ration card data. Some of them have already shared desired details. We will aggregate this data into a national level database. It is expected to be done within a year. Once this is done, each new application of ration card will have to pass through de-duplication process. New ration cards will be Aadhaar-verified and the proposed process will ensure that there is no existing ration card in the name and address of new applicant”,he said. indianexpress
Stories from beyond: NRC victims share their plight
Mumbai: Anima Dey from Assam lost her son Subrata in the Goalpara detention camp, said to be deadliest of the 6 detention camps in the State: 10 inmates have been found dead in that camp alone. “Whenever I went to meet him, I couldn’t speak to him freely since the guards were always around. 4 days before his death, I assured him that we will be approaching the Guwahati High Court and he was hopeful,” she said. “We were given vague reasons for the cause of death and weren’t given the death certificate or the post- mortem reports.” Ms. Dey’s nightmare didn’t end there, though. The Dey family, who have not been included in NRC, have to travel several kilometres for tribunal proceedings. Economic impact has been devastating, as Subrata was the sole earning member in the family with a meagre income. His son Biki was forced to give up his education and work as a tailor’s apprentice to earn for the family. There are other threads in this story. Like that of Hasan Ali, who attempted suicide last year when his name was excluded from list. Or Rashminara Begum, who was 3 months pregnant when she was sent to a detention camp due to a minor discrepancy in her date of birth, and Saken Ali, who had to spend 5 years in detention camps because of a minor spelling mistake in his name. These were all accounts that unfolded at a “solidarity meeting” in the city on Friday, organised by NGOs like CJP and PUCL, which have been working for the victims for the past 2 years. thehindu
Minorities need not panic on NRC: Karnataka HM
Bengaluru:Allaying fears over enforcement of NRC in the state, Karnataka Home minister Basavaraj Bommai said that those who are the citizens of the nation need not get worried over the issue. Minister, assured a delegation led by Minority leaders, from Congress party, led by ex minister UT Khader, and MLAs, Nazir Ahmed and Rizwan Arshad, that "minorities living in Karnataka need not panic over the implementation of NRC in the state".Stating that the intention of implementing NRC in Karnataka, was to identify to those who were living illegally in the state, he said that "Those who were citizens of the state and having valid documents, need not to get panic".UNI
Unnao rape survivor case: CBI drops murder charge against Kuldeep Sengar in chargesheet
CBI has filed a chargesheet after completing its probe into the road accident in which the Unnao rape survivor and her lawyer were critically injured and two of her aunts killed this year, PTI reported.Expelled BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his associate have been charged in the chargesheet for criminal conspiracy and intimidating the rape survivor and her family, but dropped murder charges against them for which they were earlier booked.In its FIR, CBI had earlier booked Sengar and nine others under IPC sections related to criminal conspiracy, murder, attempt to murder and criminal intimidation.In July this year, a truck rammed into the car in which the Unnao rape survivor with some family members and her lawyer were traveling. 2 of her aunts died in road accident.indianexpress
AMU students hold protest demanding union polls
Students of AMU on Friday held a protest to demand announcement of students’ union polls for the academic session 2019-20. Students also threatened intensify their protests, if elections are not announced soon. Talking to media, Master of Social Work final year student, Farhan Zuberi, said that they want immediate announcement of the election date and implementation of Lyndoh Committee rules, which clearly state that polls to students’ union should be held within 4-6 week of commencing academic session. He said despite these explicit instructions the administration was not following the rules. “We have been forced to protest, as the administration is delaying the elections like always,” said Zuberi, adding that they had given a memorandum to the V-C in this regard, but to no avail.However, AMU spokesperson Shafey Kidwai said that poll dates cannot be announced as the admission process is still going on.  TOI
Haryana polls: In Muslim-dominated Mewat, BJP picks 2 turncoats, 1 first-timer
Gurgaon :Eyeing its maiden victory in 3 constituencies in Haryana’s Muslim-dominated Mewat district, the BJP has fielded 2 MLAs who were elected on INLD tickets in 2014 and a 28-year-old who is the district’s only woman candidate. According to 2011 census, 79.2 of Mewat’s population is Muslim, as are 2 of 3 BJP candidates.Nuh, Punhana and Ferozepur Jhirka constituencies have eluded BJP since the first election in Haryana in 1967, despite party occasionally giving tickets to candidates from the dominant community. In 2014 Assembly polls, despite the popularity of PM Narendra Modi in the preceding Lok Sabha polls, BJP could not even secure the position of runner-up in 3 seats.Its Ferozepur Jhirka candidate, Chaudhary Alam Mundal, finished fourth, losing to INLD’s Naseem Ahmed. Ahmed has since joined the BJP, and the party has pinned its hopes on the two-time MLA —- he was also elected on an INLD ticket in 2009. Son of former Congress minister Shakrullah Khan, Ahmed had joined the Congress in May this year and BJP in August.indianexpress
 Citing poll code, Wardha varsity expels 6 students who protested against Govt, wrote letter to PM
Nagpur :In an unusual interpretation of the model code of conduct,6 students of Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya (MGAHV) in Wardha have been expelled for organising a dharna and writing a letter to PM Narendra Modi protesting, among other things, rising incidents of mob lynching and “shielding” of leaders accused of rape.In an order issued Oct.9, Acting Registrar Rajeshwar Singh said the students were being expelled for “violating assembly election code of conduct and interfering in the judicial process” by organising a group dharna.Chandan Saroj, one of the six students thrown out, said though some 100 students were present at the dharna on Oct. 9, university authorities took action “selectively against three Dalit and three OBC students”. He said “there were many upper caste students too in solidarity with us”.The expulsion order identified the students as Chandan Saroj (M Phil); Neeraj Kumar (PhD); Rajesh Sarthi; Rajneesh Ambedkar (Women’s Studies Department); Pankaj Vela (M Phil); and, Vaibhav Pimpalkar (Diploma).indianexpress
CVC indicted ex-CBI chief Alok  Verma in 3 cases
 Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) had last year severely indicted former CBI director Alok Kumar Verma in three major cases — bribing of CBI officers to dilute cases involving meat exporter Moin Qureshi, excluding a key suspect from FIR in IRCTC scam, and attempting to induct tainted officers into the agency.CVC’s findings, undisclosed till now, had played a key role in decision to remove Verma from CBI.The SC had ordered an inquiry by CVC, under the supervision of former SC judge AK Patnaik, into then CBI special director Rakesh Asthana’s 10 allegations against Verma who was then heading agency. Allegations were detailed in Asthana’s Aug.24,2018, letter to the cabinet secretary. TOI
UP: 4 held for ‘links’ with terror funding racket
Lucknow :UP’s ATS, in a joint operation with Lakhimpur Kheri police arrested 4 people for their alleged involvement in a terror funding network across India.Police have recovered Rs 4.75 lakh in Indian currency and Nepalese Rs 1.35 lakh. 4 suspects — Ummed Ali, Sanjay Agarwal, Sameer Salmani alias Sonu and Airaj Ali — were arrested from Nighasan area of Kheri district in the night.While Salmani is a native of Bareilly, others belong to Lakhimpur Kheri. Police seized their cellphones and were trying to retrieve call data.Suspects were produced before a local court, which sent them to jail, said ASP, Lakhimpur Kheri, Shailendra Lal.UP DGP Om Prakash said the case would be transferred to ATS for investigation. indianexpress
Aged person lynched in Bihar
Gopalganj: An aged person was beaten to death at Sangrampur Gopal village under Phulwaria police station area in the district today. Police said here that one Nand Kishore Yadav was badly beaten when he objected to music played by his co-villagers in view of Mahaviri Akhada as he was sitting at the main door of his house along with his ailing father. Sources said Yadav who was critically injured in the assault was rushed to Hathwa sub divisional hospital where he was declared brought dead. The body had been sent to Gopalganj Sadar Hospital for autopsy.A named FIR had been registered at the police station concerned on the statement of the deceased`s son. A massive manhunt was on to nab the accused.UNI
Assam: 12 Security men, Locals Injured While Stopping Lynching Attempt
Hailakandi: At least 12 security personnel as well as several villagers were injured when they were attacked by an irate mob as they tried to save 4 people from lynching at Nitainagar village in Hailakandi district of South Assam on Friday, police sources said.Hailakandi Sadar police station Officer In-charge (OC) Hemanta Kumar Das and second officer Ashoke Chakraborty of the police station, OC Borat Chandra Kar of Algapur police stations and 2 jawans of CRPF were seriously injured when they went to save 4 people who were being lynched by mob armed with sticks in Nitainagar village, around 13 kms from Hailakandi town, they said.ASP Barun Purkayastha said a group of 9 people, including police constable Jamil Hussain, went to Laskarbazar weekly cattle market of Nitainagar.Local people suspecting them to be child-lifters gheraoed and attacked 9 people, ASP said.Stating that confusion prevails regarding their purpose of visit, Purkayastha said the irate mob also set ablaze the vehicle in which the nine people had come to the village.PTI
Naseeruddin Shah, "disturbed by open hate in society", says "stand by what i said earlier"
Mumbai: Actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that he stands by his remarks on mob violence incidents and is disturbed by "open hate" in the society. Last year, the 69-year-old veteran, referring to the recent rise of mob violence incidents, had said that at many places the "death of a cow is being given more importance than the killing of a policeman". Shah said."I never had any close relationship with the film industry and fraternity in any case. I don't know whether it has affected my standing or not because I don't often get offered work very much. What I felt I said and I stand by it," Shah said."I faced a lot of abuse by people, who have nothing better to do, but it doesn't affect me at all. What is disturbing is the open hate," the actor said.Recently, Shah was among the over 180 members of the cultural community, that also included cinematographer Anand Pradhan, historian Romila Thapar and activist Harsh Mander, who condemned the FIR lodged against 49 celebrities for an open letter they wrote to PM Narendra Modi.PTI
Digvijaya writes to MP CM against slaughterhouse closure, wants existing one modernised
Bhopal:Days after his intervention led to MP Govt shelving a proposed slaughterhouse near a temple on the outskirts of Bhopal, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh today wrote to CM Kamal Nath requesting him to modernize and expand the existing slaughterhouse. BJP Govt had finalized a place near Aadampur Chhavani, following NGT order that  slaughterhouse functional in Jinsi locality of the old city for decades be shifted outside the limits of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC).On Sept.21, Singh wrote to his son and urban development minister Jaivardhan Singh, saying that religious feelings of lakhs of devotees were hurt because the new slaughterhouse is located close to Kankali temple to which the minister paid heed and promptly shelved the proposal. indianexpress
Kejriwal Addresses Denmark Meet Over Video Link, Announces 'Clean Air' Task Force
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has attended C40 Cities Summit in Copenhagen through a video link and announced formation of a special task force to monitor the implementation of ‘Clean Air Cities Declaration’ signed at the meet.He was scheduled to travel to Denmark to take part in the summit but was denied permission by external affairs ministry.He addressed a session at the summit through video conferencing. “I am very happy to announce that New Delhi is joining 37 other cities from around the world in signing the C40 ‘Clean Air Cities Declaration’. I am able to confidently sign this declaration because of the support of 2 crore residents of Delhi, who are my strength,” he said.PTI
Hamdard to confer honorary doctorate to FrankIslam
New Delhi:Jamia Hamdard, an institute of higher education announced that it will confer Honorary Doctorate to Dr. Frank F. Islam.Islam will be formally conferred Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by Jamia Hamdard University in a Special Convocation on 15th Oct., 2019, the registrar of the institute, SS Akhtar said. Islam is an information technology entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, civic leader, and writer who heads the FI Investment Group.IANS
Israel to allow Jews to perform their prayers inside Al-Aqsa Mosque soon
Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has stated that Israel could allow Jews to freely perform their prayers inside Al-Aqsa Mosque soon,.Asked by Makor Rishon regarding this possibility, Erdan confirmed “I am sure this will happen soon, God willing.”He added “the situation in Jerusalem is heading towards regaining sovereignty and control over the place. We will reach our goal [opening Al-Aqsa gates for Jews] when more Jews express their desire to visit Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa). Then there will be an increasing pressure, following an increasing demand. I hope this happens soon.”“When we reach this stage, we will work and push for changing the historical status quo in Jerusalem in light of respecting the international interests for Israel.”On when this would happen, he stated “I cannot predict when because this is not related only to my power, but I expect this will happened in the coming few years, not more than a decade.”middleeastmonitor
Israeli Mossad recognises assassination of Hamas leaders abroad
Chief of Israeli Mossad, Yossi Cohen has acknowledged  assassination of Hamas leaders abroad, Mishpacha, an ultra-Orthodox Israeli paper reported.In an interview with Mishpacha, reported by Times of Israel, Cohen stated “there are more than a few assassinations, but enemy [Hamas] has changed tactics,” noting that Hamas “is not quick to attribute assassination to us, for its own reasons.” However, he added “if there is one target that we eliminate without hesitation, it is Hamas officials abroad, from local agents to those who manage acquisitions of weapons pointed towards Israel.”Israeli official claimed that assassinations in such cases are not vengeful acts, but simply the removal of threats.MEMO
Tehran confirms reception of a Saudi message requesting dialogue with Iran
Iranian Govt’s spokesman, Ali Rabei has confirmed that Pakistani PM Imran Khan reported a letter from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to Pakistan, requesting dialogue with Iran.The Iranian spokesman stated that his country “does not see the need for having dialogue with Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Yemenis, or in their absence.”This statement occurred a day before the arrival of Khan to Tehran, who is scheduled to meet Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, in the framework of what is believed to be mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, according to press reports.MEMO
US to send more troops to Saudi
US is planning to send a large number of additional forces, possibly thousands, to Saudi Arabia following the attack on its oil facilities, which Washington and Riyadh have blamed on Iran, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. The sources did not specify exactly how many troops would be deployed or specify whether they would be replacing any other American forces that might be departing elsewhere in the region in the coming weeks or months.middleeastmonitor
Operation in Syria: Turkish troops seize Ras al-Ain
Heavy fighting continues as Turkey presses ahead with its military operation against Kurdish fighters in  northeast Syria, now in its 4th day. Turkish forces seized control of Ras al-Ain town, Turkish defence ministry said. "As part of the successful operations being conducted in the framework of Operation Peace Spring, town of Rasulayn, located east of  Euphrates, has been brought under control,"ministry said in a post on Twitter.Turkish state media and Syrian activists said that Turkey-backed Syrian fighters took control of Al Senea district, first district in Hassakeh's Ras al-Ain. Turkey's military said that 14 Syrian villages had been liberated from "terrorists" as part of its offensive against Kurdish fighters. The military added that 73 fighters from the YPG group had been "neutralised" in the last eight hours..aljazeera
Pakistan PM phones Turkey's Erdogan to extend support over ongoing operation in Syria
Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has expressed his country’s support to Turkey over ongoing counter-terror operation in northern Syria.  In a phone conversation with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, he said that Islamabad fully understands Turkey’s concerns related to terrorism. Anadolu agency
Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali's awarding of Nobel Peace Prize has been ushered in by praise for his efforts in ending two decades of hostility with neighbouring Eritrea and initiating broad domestic changes, but it also calls for tackling outstanding challenges and further enhance reforms. aljazeera
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RSS claiming legacy of both Gandhi & his assassin, is amusing as well as outrageous:Mridula Mukherjee
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Zero Transparency in UP? No RTI Reports Published in 14 Years: TII Report
Bank account details, Aadhaar data of Himachal power board customers leaked
May 11 riots: Aurangabad court orders registration of FIR in teenager’s death
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