16 January 2017

16  Jan.2017: 17 Rabius Sani 1438: Vol:8, No:90
Akhilesh gets Samajwadi Party cycle, father Mulayam loses battle of symbol
New Delhi; UP CM  Akhilesh Yadav on Monday won the Samajwadi Party symbol the cycle from his father Mulayam Singh Yadav as the Election Commission assigned the popular emblem to him. The Election Commission said the group led by Akhilesh Yadav is the Samajwadi Party and thus entitled to use the ‘Bicycle’ symbol. The EC decision could be a big setback for 77-year-old Mulayam Singh Yadav who founded the party 25 years ago.Mulayam had earlier said he will accept whatever decision the Election Commission takes on the contentious poll symbol issue.The faction war in the ruling Samajwadi Party of UP had reached the Election Commission with Mulayam Singh staking claim over the ‘cycle’ symbol after he was deposed from the post of president by the group headed by his son Akhilesh Yadav on Jan.2. The faction headed by Akhilesh too approached the EC to assert their right over the symbol, which is crucial for the upcoming Assembly polls. indianexpress
EC also acknowledges Akhilesh as national president of Samajwadi Party
Mulayam: Will fight against Akhilesh if he doesn’t listen to me
New Delhi:It seems there is no end to the feud in the Samajwadi Party with Mulayam Singh again saying he may fight against his son Akhilesh in UP  Assembly polls if needed. Days after ruling out any difference within the party and saying that Akhilesh will be the party’s CM candidate in UP, SP patriarch accused his son of having a negative approach towards Muslims and said he will fight against his son if he does not heed to his advice“I always advocated interest of Muslims. When I ensured appointment of a Muslim as state’s DGP, Akhilesh did not talk to me for 15 days. He did not want any Muslim on this post. It gave an anti-Muslim message.”SP founder alleged that Akhilesh had a “negative approach” towards Muslims and that he was playing in the hands of Ramgopal Yadav, who was working “on directions of BJP”.“I will live for Muslims and die for them also.If it come to Muslims’ interest, I will also fight against him (Akhilesh)”,he said.indianexpress
Mulayam : Akhilesh has 'negative approach' towards Muslims, I may contest against him
UP Election 2017: Mayawati will be the biggest beneficiary of an Akhilesh-Mulayam split: firstpost
Ambedkar ‘bigger leader’ than Mahatma Gandhi: Owaisi
Sambhal (UP):Terming B R Ambedkar a “bigger leader” than Mahatma Gandhi, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has said it was because of the secular and class-free Constitution given by the Dalit icon which has ensured justice in society.Owaisi’s remark came during an AIMIM rally in Sambhal on Sunday as he continued his poll campaign in the politically crucial UP.“Ambedkar is a bigger leader than Mahatma Gandhi ... had Ambedkar not given a secular and class-free Constitution, the level of injustice in the country would have been much more and RSS people would not have left any opportunity to spoil the situation,” Owaisi said.HT
Muslim women can act as guardians of properties gifted to their children: HC
Madurai: In a significant ruling, the Madras High Court has held that Muslim women can also accept properties gifted to their minor children and act as guardians of those gifts in certain special circumstances though the principles of Muhammadan Law do not explicitly confer such a right on them.Justice RMT. Teekaa Raman passed the ruling while dismissing an appeal suit preferred in 2007 against the dismissal of a partition suit between a Muslim family by an Additional District Court in Dharmapuri in 2006. Judgement was reserved in the principal seat of the High Court and delivered at its Bench here.“Where there was no other guardian of the property or person of the minor and the mother was the only other person who could look after the interest of the minor, acceptance of the gift by the mother is not illegal or invalid,” the judge said.As per Muhammadan Law, Hiba (gift) is conferring of a right of property without an Ewaz (exchange). ‘Hiba’ literally means donation of a thing from which the receiver may derive benefit. Since Muhammadan Law views the law of gifts as part of the law of contract, there must be an Ijab (tender), Qabul (an acceptance) and Qabza (delivery of possession). Muhammadan Law also makes a distinction between guardian of the person, guardian of the property and guardian for the purpose of Wilayat-ul-Nikah (marriage), in case of minor girls. Section 359 of the Principles of Muhammadan Law said the father, an executor appointed by his father’s will, the paternal grandfather or the executor of the latter’s will were entitled to be guardians of properties of a minor child in the order in which they were mentioned and Section 348 defined a minor as one who had not completed 18 years of age, he said. thehindu
Bhopal: Muslims call for end to Haj subsidy, urge global tenders
Bhopal: A section of Muslims in the state capital are calling for scrapping Haj subsidy, at a time when Govt appointed committee is looking into the efficacy and viability. The subsidy is given by Union Govt to Haj pilgrims.It is in the form of discounted air fares on flights operated by the national carrier. A citizen can go on pilgrimage to holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia through All India Haj committee or book his travel through private operators. Last year, the Haj committee charged Rs 1.85 lakh and Rs 2.15 lakh for a green category, per pilgrim. Compared with it private operators charged barely Rs 10,000 more in some cases.Given the diminishing margins of cost of Haj pilgrimage and political parties taking credit for the 'subsidy', many Muslims are demanding a total end to it."For long there is a demand for an open and transparent global tender. It would make Haj feasible for many more people. Subsidy in the present terms by Govt should be stopped," said Bhopal Qazi,Syed Mushtaq Nadvi. Haj committee officials admit that airline cost is more than a ticket flight due to the arrangements and other offsite costs. "Haj committee has opted for global tender. It is easy to state that cost of airline ticket is higher during the pilgrimage. We need to understand the cost incurred by airline for operating empty one-way flight and booking a charted airplane is always more expensive," said official seeking anonymity.TOI
Demonetisation & ECONOMY  
Cash withdrawal limit from ATM hiked to Rs 10,000 per day,current a/c limit raised to Rs 1 lakh per week
New Delhi: In a major relief for the common man post the demonetisation move, RBI on Monday raised the cash withdrawal limits from ATM to Rs 10,000 per days from the existing Rs 4,500.The hike in withdrawal limit comes with immediate effect, RBI said in a statement. However, cash withdrawal through cheque for saving bank accounts have been retained at Rs 24,000 per week. RBI also hiked the cash withdrawal from current accounts to Rs 1 lakh per week from the existing Rs 50,000.As per RBI statement, the limit on withdrawals from ATMs has been enhanced from the current limit of ₹ 4,500/- to ₹ 10,000/- per day per card (It will be operative within the existing overall weekly limit).The limit on withdrawal from current accounts has been enhanced from the current limit of ₹ 50,000/- per week to ₹ 1,00,000/- per week and it extends to overdraft and cash credit accounts also, RBI further stated.However, there are no changes in the other conditions with the RBI stating that the relaxations as provided in our circular dated Nov.28, 2016 will continue. zeenews
RBI raises ATM withdrawal limit to Rs 10,000 per day from current Rs 4,500
ATM withdrawal limit raised to Rs 10,000 per day with immediate effect, says RBI
Only 3 free ATM withdrawals might be allowed per month, as Govt pushes for cashless economy
If you thought not being able to withdraw as much as you wanted to from ATMs was painful, here's some more worry coming your way. The Govt  is considering a proposal to reduce the free withdrawals by more than half to just 3, instead of the nearly 8-10 now, including from banks where one has accounts. This proposal, floated by bankers, was discussed in the pre-budget consultations with the finance ministry, and the feeling was that this is one of the ways to push digital, said people familiar with the matter. "A proposal to bring down free ATM transactions to 3 per month has been discussed with the finance ministry, and this is one of the measures being considered to disincentivise use of cash," a senior banker said on the condition of anonymity. "Those free transactions were decided during a different era, but things have changed now and we need to change with that," another private banker said."If only 3 free transactions are allowed, then people will be inclined to shift to digital transactions."indiatimes
Cutting free ATM withdrawals to three being considered
RBI has no data on scams in cooperative banks post demonetisation: RTI
RBI has admitted that it has no details of any irregularities or scams in the exchange of the demonetised currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 by the cooperative banks, a reply under RTI revealed on Monday. Prominent RTI activist Anil Galgali had sought information under the RTI on extent of irregularities committed by state cooperative banks between Nov.8 andDec.10, 2016, and alleged corruption by officials.“However, according to its reply under the RTI, RBI does not seem to have any data to justify its conclusion of widespread irregularities and scandals in exchanging the old currency notes vide state and district cooperatives banks across the country,” Galgali said,showing terse RBI communication.IANS
Demonetisation effect: Govt, RBI to bring tougher norms for co-op banks
Modi’s Post-Demonetisation Politics Presents a Confusing, Contradictory Picture: By MK Venu
IMF says demonetisation a big dampener, cuts India’s growth to 6.6% from 7.6%: financial express
IMF today cut India's growth rate for the current fiscal year to 6.6% from its previous estimate of 7.6% due to "temporary negative consumption shock" of demonetisation, days after the World Bank also decelerated India's growth estimates.
GST rollout deferred to July 1, Council reaches consensus on dual control: thehindu
Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday declared that the rollout date of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been deferred to July 1 and that the GST Council had reached a consensus on the crucial issue of dual control.He said that 90 %  of GST taxpayers with up to Rs. 1.5 crore turnover would be assessed by the States and those above Rs. 1.5 crore would be assessed by both the States and the Centre on a 50:50 basis.GST will subsume a host of indirect taxes levied by Centre and the States, including excise duty, VAT, service tax, entry, luxury and entertainment levies. Parliament passed the landmark constitutional amendment in August last and more than half of State legislatures ratified it by mid-Sept.
India 60th in inclusive development index; ranks below China, Pakistan
Davos:India has been ranked 60th among 79 developing economies, below neighbouring China and Pakistan, in the inclusive development index, according to a WEF report.WEF’s ‘Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017’, released today, said that most countries are missing important opportunities to raise economic growth and reduce inequality at the same time because the growth model and measurement tools that have guided policymakers for decades require significant readjustment. Inclusive Development Index(IDI) is based on 12 performance indicators. In order to provide a more complete measure of economic development than GDP growth alone, the index has 3 pillars — Growth and Development, Inclusion and Intergenerational Equity, and Sustainability. Lithuania tops the list of 79 developing economies that also features Azerbaijan and Hungary at second and third positions, respectively. While India is placed at 60th spot, many of neighbouring nations are ahead in the rankings. China is ranked at 15th position, Nepal (27th), Bangladesh (36th) and Pakistan (52nd).PTI
India’s NSG membership can’t be Obama administration’s farewell gift: China’s dig at US
Beijing:Membership of the exclusive NSG is not a “farewell gift” for the outgoing US administration to hand out to India, China said on Monday in an acerbic reaction to an American official blaming Beijing for blocking New Delhi’s entry to the bloc that controls nuclear trade.China’s strong reaction came within hours of US assistant secretary of state Nisha Desai Biswal’s remarks blaming Beijing and indicating that it wasn’t ready to budge anytime soon from its position of opposing New Delhi’s application.“Regarding India’s application to NSG, regarding non-NPT countries admission to NSG, we have made our position clear before so I will not repeat it. (I) just want to point out that NSG membership shall not be some kind of farewell gift for countries to give to each other,” foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said. hindustantimes
India must rethink opposition to Chinese investment in Lanka:China’s state media
India should rethink its opposition to Chinese investments in Sri Lanka and join the port development in the island nation instead of feeling “jealous”, China’s state media said. “It is understandable that the cooperation has left some Asian countries vigilant as media reports suggest that an 80% share of the port, which sits on an important trade route, and land for an industrial zone will be leased to China for the next 99 years,” an article in Global Times referring to Sri Lanka’s decision to hand over the Hambatota Port to China. Also there was public agitation over the land given to China to industrial zone in Hambatota.“However, joining the project would be better than standing aside and being jealous,” article said.HT
A ‘serial rapist’ of 800 girls arrested by Delhi police, women activists demand hanging
New Delhi: Little girls begging for help amused Sunil Rastogi, Delhi Police said about the alleged serial rapist arrested in the capital on Saturday. Emboldened by the fact that the families of the victims did not approach the police, Rastogi allegedly thought he could get away with anything. Accused paedophile, is a tailor by profession. The accused, who wore the same set of clothes – a ‘red jacket’ (which he considered lucky), used to come from UP’s Rampur district to Delhi by train and look for lone minor girls, kidnap and take them to under-construction buildings or isolated locations, rape them and then flee the city. The rapist nearly targeted 800 children over the last 13 years not only in Delhi but even in UP and Uttarakhand. According to Delhi Police, paedophile Rastogi, claimed to have attempted assault on more than 2,500 minors. Sunil Rastogi was arrested on Saturday on the basis of tip off, DCP(East) Omvir Singh said.“The accused told police that he used to target minor girls. Whenever he would find any minor girl going to home from school, he used to mislead her on the pretext that her father had sent some clothes or some other articles to give her and take her to an isolated place,” he added.During interrogation, he confessed he committed the alleged offences and also revealed he committed similar offences with other girls in New Ashok Nagar, Delhi, Ghaziabad (UP), and Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), said the officer. Following the arrest of serial rapist Sunil Rastogi, accused of assaulting and raping minor girls, the women’s rights activists on Monday demanded strict punishment and immediate hanging of the culprit. Meanwhile, a special investigations team has been set up that will look for other minor victims who have been targetted by Rastogi in the past since the police suspect that most some his crimes went unreported.Afternoon voice
Tried to assault 600 girls: 38-yr-old arrested for ‘raping’ minors in Delhi
Shocking: Paedophile arrested in Delhi for rape; admits ‘targeting’ minor girls across 3 states
Meghalaya sex scam: Guest-house owned by Home Minister’s family under probe
Shillong:A Guest-house owned by the family of Meghalaya Home Minister H D R Lyngdoh is being investigated in what the officials fear could be a wide-spread sex racket involving several influential people. On Jan.6, Independent MLA Julius Kitbok Dorphang was arrested in Guwahati after a hunt of three weeks. Police officials confirmed that a 14-year-old, who filed an FIR on December 16, has said that she was taken to the guest-house, Marvelene’s Inn, located in posh Shillong locality Rilbong, several times to “serve clients”.She has alleged that Dorphang raped her “at least on 2 occasions”, once at a guest-house at Motinagar in the city, and another time at a resort in Umiam, about 12 km from here.Indianexpress
NIA questions J&K govt employees in connection with terror funding case
New Delhi; Furthering their probe into allegations of terror funding taking place through cross-LOC trade routes, NIA questioned employees of the Trade Facilitation Centres (TFCs) in J&K. NIA sources said investigators, in the past week, questioned several Govt  employees posted at TFC in Uri area however officials did not divulge details on whether the sleuths have been able to find anything incriminating. Sources said NIA sleuths have taken possession of documents related to cross border trade, particularly the import of California Almonds (badam giri), and were currently examining the same for further leads. The probe agency in December last year had registered a case under sections of UAPA to probe allegations that "large scale terror funding has been taking place using cross- LOC trade route". NIA believes that a percentage of profits in lieu of cross border trade is used to fund militancy in the valley.DNA
50 Indians in Islamic State’s Afghanistan camp: IB
The Interpol has been alerted after Intelligence Bureau officials found that at least 50 persons from India had allegedly joined the Islamic State in Afghanistan. The IS camp in Nagrahar in Afghanistan is said to have at least 2,000 recruits from different parts of the world. However, Indian agencies are hot on the trail of Shajeer Abdullah, from Kerala, believed to be the prime recruiter for the IS in Kerala.Out of these 2,000, the IB suspects that there may be 50 Indians. The intelligence has already confirmed that the 21 persons who went missing from Kerala are part of this camp. Agencies say that the recruitment had taken place through social media. The social media account of Shajeer Abdullah from Kerala had come under the scanner. Abdullah, who is also in Afghanistan currently, is said to have used the social media to radicalise and recruit youth from Kerala. His posts had called for a 'Holy War against the infidels'. He goes on to state that in order to serve Islam correctly, one needs to be part of the IS.
Kerala writer, booked for insulting national anthem, claims attack by Sangh Parivar member
Malayalam writer Kamal C Chavara, who was booked for insulting the national anthem in December last year, has alleged he was attacked by a member of the Sangh Parivar on Sunday in Kunnamangalam near Kozhikode in north Kerala, a day after he burnt his book in public.Chavara, who is also a theatre activist, said the incident took place in a bar where the attacker approached him asking whether he was the one who had burnt his book on Saturday. When he said yes, the assailant slapped him and pushed him to the floor without any provocation, he said.HT
Rohith’s brother Raja, an aspiring scientist, now turns auto driver
Vijayawada: The life of 26-year-old Raja Vemula, the brother of Rohith Vemula has changed after his brother’s untimely death. The post graduate from Puducherry University is now driving a goods autorickshaw between Guntur and Tenali to earn livelihood and meet additional expenses. “Many people offered me a job, including Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. But if I take up the job from politicians, I will be forced to toe the line with them, which my brother hated. Now that I am on a mission to seek justice and also spearheading a movement, I will try for a job later,” he said.Raja said the need for money increased as he and his mother were involved in hectic travelling addressing rallies and meetings all over the country on the unfortunate incident (of his brother’s death). “I am not finding it difficult to work as a driver. I need to stay close to my mother and help her,” he clarified.Raja, who did M.Sc in Applied Geology, wanted to become a scientist and he is keen on pursuing his dream. “My brother’s death came as a bolt from the blue. It will take some time to regain semblance.” the hindu
To Honour Rohith Vemula's Memory, His Brother Refuses To Join Politics, Becomes An Autorickshaw Driver
Dalit bodies join hands to commemorate Vemula’s death
JNU protest lectures to begin on Jan 18: the hindu
New Delhi: The schedule for the lecture series on social justice titled "Democracy and Social Justice: Access and Equality" to be organised between Jan.18 and Jan.25 at Freedom Square in JNU has been released.JNU Teachers' Association has chosen to “reclaim Freedom Square” which has now become a spot where public meetings have been banned by the administration.The lectures scheduled to be held between 4pm and 6 30pm will include topics such as “Crisis of democracy and the question of rights” by Bezwada Wilson, “New grammar of caste by Ashwini Despanede and Adivasis and the politics of the Right by Archana Prasad will be held on the first day. Other speakers scheduled to speak include Sohail Hashmi and Madhu Prasad on “JNU's deprivation points system-history and politics”, Yogendra Yadav on “UGC, university autonomy and social justice” and Rajani Tilak on “Caste and gender intersection in the idea of social justice” among others.
CN Rao at Jamia Hamdard Convocation:‘To excel in science, we need hard work, funds for varsities’
New Delhi: Bharat Ratna Awardee scientist CN Rao on Sunday said India needed to work harder to make a mark for itself in global academic standards and educational institutions required more funding than they’re getting to achieve this feat. Speaking at the 12th convocation of Jamia Hamdard University at the Siri Fort Auditorium, Rao said, “The world is facing huge challenges in science, especially in the field of energy. The way we are managing and planning energy are both outdated. We need to make hydrogen an energy source instead of oil so that there is no carbon dioxide and no pollution. But how do we make this?”“These days, people have found that through artificial photosynthesis it is easy to produce Hydrogen. More important than this are the environmental problems associated with energy. The carbon dioxide produced in India today or any other part of the world is thousand times more than it was 20 years ago. Universities should venture into these challenging areas. In medicine too, very few antibiotics are being produced because everything that is produced becomes drug-resistant. We have to produce new drugs in the next few years to get rid of this drug resistance,” he said.indian express
Mumbai: Philanthropist’s kin says Saifee Hospital canteen came up on family-built graveyard
High Court asks state to investigate, following a petition by Ali Akbar, great grandson of Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy.The great grandson of Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy -- a renowned Bombay businessman and philanthropist who donated land to set up the Saifee Hospital at Charni Road -- has alleged that the hospital encroached on the graveyard where Peerbhoy’s wife and several of his relatives were buried.In a petition to the Bombay High Court, Ali Akbar Peerbhoy said the graveyard was “illegally taken over” in 2012 after more than 1,000 graves were exhumed, and today, the area is occupied by the hospital’s canteen. The HC’s division bench of Justices Abhay Oka and Anuja Prabhudesai has now asked the state Govt to investigate. “The concerned department of the state Govt  should initiate legal action if hindrance has been caused to the graveyard,” the court said last month.Ali Akbar said he didn’t want to hurt his community’s sentiments, hence spoke to the current Syedna, Mufaddal Saifuddin, but the hospital trust wasn’t willing to listen.Mumbai Mirror
57 Indian Billionaires Own Wealth Equal to Bottom 70% of Country’s Population
Davos: In signs of rising income inequality, India’s richest 1% now hold a huge 58% of the country’s total wealth – higher than the global figure of about 50%, a new study showed on Monday. The study, released by rights group Oxfam ahead of the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting here – which is attended by the rich and powerful from across the world – showed that just 57 billionaires in India now have same wealth (US $216 billion) as that of the bottom 70% population of the country.Globally, just eight billionaires have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 50% of world population.The study said there are 84 billionaires in India, with a collective wealth of US $248 billion, led by Mukesh Ambani (US $19.3 billion), Dilip Shanghvi (US $16.7 billion) and Azim Premji (US $15 billion). The total Indian wealth in the country stood at US $3.1 trillion.The total global wealth in the year was US $255.7 trillion, of which about US $6.5 trillion was held by billionaires, led by Bill Gates (US $75 billion), Amancio Ortega (US $67 billion) and Warren Buffett (US $60.8 billion). thewire
8 men own as much wealth as half world: Oxfam
Cow only animal that inhales, exhales oxygen:Raj.minister
Jaipur:Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Devnani has said cow is the only animal that inhales as well as exhales Oxygen. He made the claim while speaking at the Hingonia Goshala during an event organised by Akshay Patra foundation Saturday.The minister underscored the ‘scientific significance’ of the cow. indianexpress
Misuse of high-end antibiotics rampant: Docs
An American woman in her 70s who contracted an infection while being treated for a thigh bone fracture in India 2 years ago died recently. Tests on her wound specimen at CDC Atlanta, which houses one of world's most advanced laboratories, later confirmed the presence of New Delhi Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (NDM) -a superbug. Tests showed no drug available in the US would have cured the infection.Finding has jolted medical professionals who see it as a sign of a post-antibiotic era, triggered by, among other factors, pill popping for common conditions.“Misuse of high-end antibiotics for common health conditions is rampant in hospitals and among people. When this happens, the bacteria starts to build a barrier along its cell wall or enzymes to fight them. Some groups, for example the Klebsiella pneumoniae, may get the right barrier or enzyme.These are called superbugs," said Sumit Ray, vice chairperson of critical care at Ganga Ram Hospital. He added that superbugs were not uncommon but pan-resistance was an emerging phenomenon with "catastrophic consequences". WHO has already called for action across Govt sectors and societies to fight antibiotic resistance. TOI
As Army Chief Rawat warns of clampdown on airing grievances on social media, another video surfaces
New Delhi: Despite Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat’s warnings of a crackdown against soldiers using social media to put out their grievances, a third video has surfaced on the Internet in which an Army jawan is seen singing songs highlighting the difficulties faced by troops on the border.According to The Hindu, the video features a Sikh soldier singing to a group of colleagues in Punjabi; unlike soldiers in the earlier videos who expressed their grievances through self-made videos. In the video, the soldier sings about the tough conditions they live in, about the quality of food they get compared to those who “go to Taj [hotel] in cities” and about the lack of sanctioned leaves.“It has been 10 months now, I am not getting days off; all the tears have fallen from her eyes. One who is married to us, she feels neither married nor unmarried,” The Hindu reports the soldier in the video posted on Facebook as saying. indianexpress
After divorce, Nida seeks Sushma Swaraj’s help against Aala Hazrat family
Bareilly: Nida Khan, former wife of Aala Hazrat seminary head's nephew, has now written to Union minister Sushma Swaraj for help.In her letter to Swaraj, Nida narrated her ordeal to the minister. She said that due to pressure of the clerical family, police officers are not helping her. "Sheeran Raza Khan had threatened to throw acid on my face and he has still not returned things which my family had given him in dowry. When I told police officers about Sheeran's warning, his family tried to implicate my father and brother in a fake rape case. Sheeran and his family are levelling fake allegations against me and my family," the letter stated.She has asked for a CBI inquiry in the case.In June last year, Nida had moved court demanding an FIR against her husband and in-laws for allegedly assaulting her and causing a miscarriage. Police in their final report gave a clean chit to the accused, after the couple was divorced. TOI
SC agrees to hear plea to bring WhatsApp under govt regulations
A plea before the Supreme Court demanded an option of “do not share” for WhatsApp users who did not wish to share information with Facebook. ‘You can choose to walk out of WhatsApp if you want to protect your privacy’, the Supreme Court on Monday told two law students who had challenged a Delhi High Court order upholding the company’s 2016 policy to share user information with Facebook as a violation of citizen privacy."What is disturbing here is you want to continue using this private service and at the same time want to protect your privacy... You can choose not avail of it [WhatsApp], you walk out of it,” Chief Justice of India JS Khehar said.Senior advocate Harish Salve said WhatsApp, an instant messaging and call service with 155 million users, has become a "public utility service" like telephone calls.. thehindu
SC asks govt to reply to plea on privacy in WhatsApp, FB
Nagpur:Sharp increase in Muslim aspirants for BJP tickets
Golden Temple Committee gifts silver chandelier to Ajmer
At least 37 dead after Turkish cargo jet crashes into Kyrgyzstan village
A Turkish cargo jet has crashed near Kyrgyzstan’s Manas airport, killing at least 37 people, most of them residents of a village struck by the Boeing 747 as it tried to land in dense fog, Kyrgyz officials have said.According to airport’s administration, the plane was supposed to make a stopover at Manas, near the capital city, Bishkek, on its way from Hong Kong to Istanbul. It crashed when trying to land in poor visibility at 7.31 am. The plane ploughed on for a few hundred metres through the Dachi Suu village, home to hundreds of families. It shattered into pieces and damaged dozens of buildings. Plumes of smoke rose above the crash site, with some mudbrick buildings razed to the ground and others pierced by parts of the plane.Reuters
At least 37 killed after cargo jet crashes in Kyrgyzstan
Istanbul nightclub attack involved an intelligence organisation: deputy PM
Ankara: The mass shooting at an Istanbulnightclub on New Year's Eve was carried out professionally with the involvement of an intelligence organisation, Turkish DeputyPM  Numan Kurtulmus said on Monday.“It appears the Reina attack is not just a terrorist organisation's act, but there was also an intelligence organisation involved. It was an extremely planned and organised act,” Kurtulmus said.Reuters
'Shelling kills civilians' in Syria's Wadi Barada area
Troops allied to the Syrian Govt have shelled a village in a rebel-controlled area near its capital Damascus, killing at least seven civilians, according to a monitoring group.The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said shells hit al-Reem banquet hall in the village of Deir Qanun on Sunday.The incident occurred in the Wadi Barada valley, which is the main source of water for Damascus. aljazeera
Saudi Arabia: Attacks by Russia, Assad’s army on Syrian opposition boost Daesh
Russian-backed Syrian army’s continuous raids against the Syrian opposition would boost Daesh’s “expansion” operation, Chief of Saudi Arabia’s General Staff Abdulrahman Bin Saleh Al-Bunyan warned on Sunday.During the anti-Daesh coalition meeting held on Sunday in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Al-Bunyan demanded “not to engage” Shiite militias in the war against the terrorist organisation.On Sunday, the Conference of Global Coalition against Daesh opened its activities in Saudi Arabia in the presence of Chiefs of General Staff of fourteen countries participating in coalition. middleeastmonitor
Moving US embassy to Jerusalem will have ‘serious consequences,’ warns France
Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which is one of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises, is a “provocation” that would result in “serious consequences,” warned France at yesterday’s peace summit in Paris.Some seventy countries, including key European and Arab states as well as the permanent members of the UNSC, were in the French capital on Sunday for a meeting that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected as “futile”. Britain attended as an “observer” but not a full participant. middleeastmonitor
Israeli raids at Al-Aqsa increased by at least 250% in 2016
Egypt'sSinai residents accuse state of extrajudicial killings
Egyptians in El Arish, a city in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, are accusing the Govt  of the extra-judicial killing of 10 youths by security forces.The Egyptian interior ministry, which heads the security forces, said on Friday that members of an armed group opened fire at the security personnel as they approached their hideout in an abandoned house.It also described those killed as "terrorists".However, residents of El Arish said six of those named by the ministry had been detained months ago by Egyptian authorities.On Saturday, the residents held a meeting and demanded a judicial trial of anyone who took part in the alleged killings as well as the release of youths detained without charge. aljazeera
Court rejects Red Sea islands transfer to Saudi Arabia
A top Egyptian court has issued a final ruling rejecting a Govt  plan to transfer two uninhabited Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia in a deal that had provoked outrage among Egyptians and prompted rare protests.Cheers broke out in Cairo courtroom as the judge read out verdict confirming Egyptian sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir and saying that Govt  had failed to provide evidence that the islands were Saudi.aljazeera
Zardari to attend Trump’s inauguration in UP: Report
Karachi: Pakistan’s former President Asif Ali Zardari will attend the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump in the US on Jan.20. Zardari, co-chairman of PPP, was invited to the Jan.20 ceremony by US Govt  which he accepted. He will leave for the US on Jan.17, Daily Times reported.PTI
Bill introduced in US Congress to designate Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organization: By Abdus Sattar Ghazali, The Milli Gazette Online
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